The Rose

Bella is a girl who is bullied and is told to have no feelings - little do they know. Everyday, Bella gets her feelings broken and her self-a-steem ruined, but her face stays brave.
On the inside she has dreams and passions of having happiness, and having people accept her - Though she knows that will never happen.
Until one day, a little mythe told by her mum just might be true.......


6. The Rose


My head starts hurting, my throat throbbing, my eyes puffy. I sigh and go to mum room,smelling her warm smell. I whished she was here. Living large is, is great but without my's nothing.

I pass out on her bed, my cheek stroking the soft pillow. Soon, I cried myself to sleep.


The rose was there, still bright and shiny, though my heart was no longer whole. It glowed even more,gloating about it's perfection. It remained me of Grace. Suddenly, the sparks stopped flying and came towards me, travelling with beauty. They played with my hair and arms, surprisingly strong but light. Gradually, half of them went back to the Rose, but a few stayed. They played with my fingers, circling my arm again and then lead my fingertips to the Rose.

Touch it. They whispered to me. Just think. You could whish anything,anything at all. And it's yours.

I heard the stories,over and over and again, but hearing it here was so....conceiving. Carefully, I knelt down and picked the rose from it stem.


It shimmed crimson, then scarlet, then a velvet red, luscious.

This is it . That voice said. This is your last chance.

“Your right” I said, “And all I want is....Happiness.”  

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