The Rose

Bella is a girl who is bullied and is told to have no feelings - little do they know. Everyday, Bella gets her feelings broken and her self-a-steem ruined, but her face stays brave.
On the inside she has dreams and passions of having happiness, and having people accept her - Though she knows that will never happen.
Until one day, a little mythe told by her mum just might be true.......


5. The Real Me


As I see Grace I groan, ready for the pain. She bounces towards me as usual.

“Heyyy. So good to see you Bell.” I frown, “Just wanted to say, I got a new boyfriend.” Her head tips towards a direction, and I follow, only to wince. She pointed at my crush, the boy I have liked for 3 years. He waved at her and she blowed a kiss. He catched it and winked. I turned my head away sharply.

“Gorgeous, isn't he?”

I held in the tears. I took at deep breathe and then turned to her again.

“Do you know what, Grace? I'm tired of you thinking your better than me, of you thinking you can boss my around. I'm a person, Grace, not a chew toy. Don't you think I have feelings?” I wait to see what she's going to say, but her followers remain silent. Grace brakes it.

“Oh, I know you have feelings Bella,” She turns her back to me, her golden hair falling over her back like a clock and her little tied braid on top like a Crown. She moves her head to give me one last cheeky smile, “I just like crushing them.”

That's it. I can't take it. I run out of the school and through the gates, not thinking or caring about the trouble I'll get into too. I just need to escape, from Grace,from school...from this cage that holds me in and stop my from happiness.

I get to my house and yank the door open, letting it slam. I cry all the way to my room and land on it heavily, my tears making me a pillow.

Slowly, the pain and sadness curled inside me, letting me remember the worst things in life. My dad dying, Starting school, Grace going out with my crush...

I will never be happy.

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