The Rose

Bella is a girl who is bullied and is told to have no feelings - little do they know. Everyday, Bella gets her feelings broken and her self-a-steem ruined, but her face stays brave.
On the inside she has dreams and passions of having happiness, and having people accept her - Though she knows that will never happen.
Until one day, a little mythe told by her mum just might be true.......


4. Seeing It...Again


At 9:30, my phone rang. It was a text from mum, telling me to go to bed. I signed and went to the fridge, getting cookies and milk.

I walked up the stairs and went for a shower, taking time to wash my hair out, returning it to it's real Auburn color.

I pushed on my PJs and climbed into bed, my head landing softly on the pillow. Then I drifted into a deep sleep...


It was still there, still shiny, still beautiful. But this time it was closer, more vivid. I reached out to it. The sparks danced on my arm, giving me a warm,fuzzy sensation. I like it. I moved in closer to it, and looked at for the first time up close.

“If you make a whish, it will come true,” I remember. “Any dream, Any dream all. Even the one thing that lot's of things make. The one thing I desire...” It's sparks were around my now, leading to my shoulder and beyond. Was this the day?


I woke up . Apparently, it wasn't the day. I sighed and heaved on all my cloths, same as yesterday. I went to eat breakfast but only had time for Cookies, and then set off for school.

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