The Rose

Bella is a girl who is bullied and is told to have no feelings - little do they know. Everyday, Bella gets her feelings broken and her self-a-steem ruined, but her face stays brave.
On the inside she has dreams and passions of having happiness, and having people accept her - Though she knows that will never happen.
Until one day, a little mythe told by her mum just might be true.......


2. Grace


Seconds later, I heard mum shout my name for breakfast. Half-Heartily, I walked over to the shower and quickly bathed, using my honey and milk conditioner. Then, I stuffed on my skinny jeans, a black blazer, school tee and a black ribbon. That took 5 minutes but getting my hair in perfect waves did take long. At last, I was ready for the day ahead.


As I approached school, I stuffed in my heart of iron, which has protected me from their hurtful words many times. I simply shake it off, acting like I really don't care. I really don't actually . Well, sometimes I don't.


When I finally got to school, Grace strutted towards me, her honey blonde hair pushed onto the side. “Hey Dork.” She said happily. “Did you do something with hair? It looks worse today,” All her friends giggled. Grace kept at me for a whole 10 minutes until we went in. She skipped to her line and waved to me, hand on hips. “Bye, Ugly!” With that, her line went in.

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