The Rose

Bella is a girl who is bullied and is told to have no feelings - little do they know. Everyday, Bella gets her feelings broken and her self-a-steem ruined, but her face stays brave.
On the inside she has dreams and passions of having happiness, and having people accept her - Though she knows that will never happen.
Until one day, a little mythe told by her mum just might be true.......


1. Seeing It.


It was there. Glistening in the moonlight, it's own puddle of sparks dancing round it. It was a rich Crimson while the sparks were deep Scarlet. I couldn't believe it. She was right, all these years.... She was talking sense. Wow. This has to b ea myth but, yet again, here it is. I want to touch it, I wasn't to touch it so bad....


I woke with a start. My hair looked like it had been in a shredder when I had only taken out my French plaits. I ranked a hand through my hair and fell back on my bed, sighing. Why, Oh Why, did I have to wake up?

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