No Returns

Amelia Johnson has a perfect life, she has an unlimited bank balance, a perfect boyfriend, a life in the spotlight, but after one party ends in disaster, Amelia life is turned upside down.... With no returns.


3. The gate crasher

   Josh and I opened the Sammy's front door, music boomed as we made our way inside, pushing our way through the crowds of people, Josh tightly holding my hand. There was hundreds of people here and to be honest, I never knew Sammy was so popular!

"Oh' my god! You're Amelia Johnson and.... Oh' god, it's Josh! I can't believe this! Quick Jenna take a picture, is that okay?" A girl with straight blonde hair, screamed right in my faces but I didn't care, so I let her put her arm around me and Josh as her friend snapped away on her phone, I must admitt making people so happy, just by posing for a picture with her, was an easy part to the job! Oh' no, she had a picture, she'd post it online and it would go in the papers... I quickly grabbed her arm as she was about to walk away into the crowd, no one could get this picture.

"Look hun, please keep this picture to yourself, no posting it online. Get that?" Okay, now I think I'd scared her, as she just nodded in silence and walked away. Anyway, the party was great by the looks of things and I was there and with the boy I loved, Josh.

"You okay babe?" Josh came up to me, wrapping his arms around me, kissing him gently on the cheek, why was he the best boyfriend ever? If he wasn't mine, I would be totally jelous of him, and by the faces staring at me from in the hallway from all the girls, they were jelous too! But as I scanned the faces, I saw him. A boy, dark hair, dark eyes, just watching me. Not the way every one else was looking at me, but differently.

"Yeah, I'm fine thanks. Erm, Josh sweetie, please can you go get us a drink?" Josh smiled at me before he went off into the crowd, I looked back to this boy but he was gone. Something wasn't right, I was sure of it, I needed to find Sammy. I pushed my way through the crowds of teenagers, making my way into the living room, Sammy was by the sofa, completely surrounded by boys. I made my way towards her, she saw me and smiled, before coming away.

"Amelia, did you see those boys? I mean seriously hot!" She giggled, glancing back at the group.

"Yeah, I know! Good on you, but I need to ask you something. There's some boy, dark hair, dark eyes, all in black, do you know him?" I could see her think for a minute,

"I saw him earlier, I don't know him, but I assumed he was a friend of a friend if you know what I mean. But he is really odd as he arrived on his own, saying his friend's were running late and he was carrying a huge bag! I asked him what it was and he said there was important things that he needs to keep safe? Strange, but I can't exactly throw him out..." I walked away, I knew something was up and I needed to find this bag...

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