No Returns

Amelia Johnson has a perfect life, she has an unlimited bank balance, a perfect boyfriend, a life in the spotlight, but after one party ends in disaster, Amelia life is turned upside down.... With no returns.


5. The day I died (well, sort of!)

Was I dead? Did I die last night? I blinked, but all I could see was a bright white light, which meant maybe I was in heaven? Well, I guess on the plus side of death, I wouldn't have to live my life in the spotlight anymore, and I could just chill with normal people for a while in heaven! 

"Amelia? Are you awake?" I blinked again, who's voice was that? Did it mean I wasn't dead after all, or maybe it was God? I moaned, 

"Am I dead?" The voice laughed, but I don't see why it was funny, it was a completely normal question to ask.

"No Amelia, come on and open your eyes and I'll explain exactly what happened." I slowly opened my eyes, I was laying in a large bed, in large white room, okay so it was a hospital room, but it could be easily mistaken for heaven! The voice was a woman, she had blonde hair scrapped back into a tight pony tail, and was wearing a tight fitting dress and jacket, her lips bright red and she smiled to reveal her perfect white teeth. "Amelia, it's a pleasure to finally meet you at last, my name is Christina Emerson. You're probably wondering what I am here for, I'm here to protect you Amelia." She sat down on the chair next to the bed, but no offence to her but she didn't look like the typical bodyguard I normally had. 

"No offence Christina, but you don't really look like a body guard and I think I have enough." I hated having two body guards, I think 3 was taking my safety too far, plus having Christina as a body guard would just be insulting my ninja skills! 

"Are you aware of what happened the other night at that party?" Of course I did, there was that boy, he left a bomb, there was some big fire and I blanked out. I nodded, but that made my head hurt, I reached up to touch my head to feel something wrapped around my head, what the hell hit me the other night? "Well, we believe a British terrorist group was behind the attack and they won't be stopping anytime soon, until you are dead Amelia and they don't care who they kill on there way to get you." I sat in silence, maybe I didn't want to die after all. 

"What's going to happen now? I mean how can you stop them?" I whispered,

"Well I work for MI5 and we will do anything in our power to protect you and your family. So we have to give them what they want..." 

"What? You're going to kill me?!" I shouted, I thought she was meant to protect me?

"No, calm down. We have a plan but I'm sorry Amelia for this having to happen but you have no choice in the matter... You will be moving to America, with a new identity, but the thing is, Amelia will now be dead. As far as the whole of the world knows, Amelia Johnson died in the fire last night, there will be a funeral, but this also means you will never be able to be Amelia again, this will stop the terrorists by thinking they have got exactly what they want." So this meant I could leave this life forever, didn't sound too bad!

"So no returns?" I asked her, she smiled,


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