No Returns

Amelia Johnson has a perfect life, she has an unlimited bank balance, a perfect boyfriend, a life in the spotlight, but after one party ends in disaster, Amelia life is turned upside down.... With no returns.


8. Sister

I followed Luke up stairs, as he tried to pull one of my smaller bags up the stairs. I think me and him had already become friends, as he'd already shown me round downstairs; the small but sweet living room, pictures of the family on almost every wall. It was sweet really, I'd never had that before, this type of family love. Downstairs, there was also a small kitchen and dining room all in one, where Monica was furiously scrubbing the surfaces, to make them clean for me. She didn't need too, it was already spotless. Luke also insisted on showing me the whole garden, which was pretty big, and showed me all the best hiding spots on the way. 

"Grace, this is your room." He opened the door, to reveal a really big room, with light green and purple walls, one side of the room was empty, the other was more cluttered, the walls covered in posters. That's weird, why was there two beds in my room? 

"Why are there two beds in here?" I asked Luke, as we walked into the room and put my bag down on the cleaner and emptier side of the room, he laughed. 

"This is your side by the window, and that side is Lindsay's. She had a big argument with mum about sharing her room but she'll like you, you're nice, I like you." Luke smiled at me, before leaving the room. So I was going to have a sort of sister now who hated the idea of me being here, and now I have to share a room with her, great. I sat down on my bed, stroking the duvet, taking in the room. Next to my bed, was a window seat, at least that was a bit like home as it also looked over the garden. At the end of my bed, was some double doors, which I was guessing was the wardrobe, I better start unpacking. 


"What are you doing." I spun round to see a girl standing in the doorway, Lindsay. She had long blonde hair, a bit like my old hair and had an amazing tan, which I expected from someone who lived in California, she was also wearing a short floral dress and flip-flops, which I also expected from a Cali girl. I smiled at her and continued hanging my things in the wardrobe, 

"Hi, I'm just hanging up my things in the wardrobe, I hope that's okay with you?" She walked over towards me and watched what I was doing,

"Well just keep your things separate to mine, and don't touch them okay." She pushed her clothes along the rail to separate the clothes out, I tell we were going to be bffs! She went and sat on her bed, grabbing a magazine and flicking through it. "So what do you think of Cali so far?" She asked me, her voice was so american it was funny, it was also funny how she'd been such a bitch to me and now she was being chirpy. 

"Erm, yeah it looks nice, the beach and that looks nice but I haven't really seen much of it, I came straight here after the airport." I looked over to her but she was looking through the magazine, 

"Maybe I'll give you a tour tomorrow morning if you want, but I'm going out tomorrow afternoon with my friends so maybe you can explore yourself or something?" So the first thing I'd learnt about Lindsey is she didn't want me any where near her friends. 

"That would be nice..." I said, as I sat back down on my bed, I looked up and Lindsey was looking at me. 

"Do you know what school you're going to yet?" She asked, I hadn't thought about school, so I had no idea.

"No, don't have a clue!" I laughed and she smiled, 

"Well, you're in my class, at Oceanside High. It's pretty good there, you'll make friends." She made me laugh, okay so she defiantly didn't want me mixing with her friends! 

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