No Returns

Amelia Johnson has a perfect life, she has an unlimited bank balance, a perfect boyfriend, a life in the spotlight, but after one party ends in disaster, Amelia life is turned upside down.... With no returns.


11. Sam

"So where abouts in England you from then?" Sam asked me as we made our way out of the language block,

"I lived in New York, but I'm originally from Cornwall." People were giving us the occassional stare, seriously, have people never seen a normal girl before? Maybe it was because I was with Sam, maybe he was popular or something?

"I've always wanted to go their, my overall aim is to make the New York Yankees." I followed Sam up a set of stairs,

"Who are they?" I asked him, and he looked me like I'd grown another head,

"You are joking right?"

"Erm, no?" I smiled, was I meant to know who they were?

"They're New York's baseball team, they're so big. I thought you were a yorker!" He laughed, oh' maybe that was stupid, I should of known that.

"Oh', I just didn't pay much attention." He laughed,

"You're funny newbie!" He looked at me, with his big blue eyes, I smiled back at him. He was so, so cute! It's been an hour here and I was already falling for a boy. We walked into a tight, crowded corridoor, I could see Lindsey standing by some lockers with her friends. She looked around, then she saw me, her mouth falling open. Wow, she was a completely different girl at school; her friends looked at her, before turning to look at me, (some of which were cheerleaders, which I was planning to avoid, due to the movies making me fear them,) started to whisper to eachother, staring at me, when I passed.

"So here we are newbie, good luck!" He winked at me, before heading into the classroom. I took a minute to compose myself and to control my screams from inside.

"Oh' my god! What were you doing?" I could hear Lindey's voice from behind me, and I turned to see her (and her bitch gang.)

"And what would that be?" I asked her smiling, but she didn't look happy,

"You and Sam Beamon? What were you doing together?" She snapped, I was guessing these girls had liked Sam Beamon.

"What is wrong with that? Is he like special or something?" The girls looked at me discuss,

"Sam is like captin of the Baseball team, he's like super popular and like totally cute." A little blonde haired girl chirped in, I laughed, but by the looks on the girls faces, they weren't impressed with me.

"Look Grace, you're new, we get you don't understand how these school works. But just don't go getting all excited about Sam liking you, because he's popular, you're just a new girl. He's just being nice, okay?" I looked at them all, where the serious? I turned and walked into class, if I was Amelia, I would of kicked their sorry bums, I would of reminded them I was dating the hottest teenage actor in the world. I didn't have time for them.



History seemed to fly faster than I thought, Sam insisted I sat next to him, which made Lindsey and her group of friends give me evils for most of the lesson. 

"So you wanna' grab some lunch, I'll introduce you to the others if you'd like?" We left History and started walking out of some doors,

"That would be cool." He looked at me and took the pile of books out my hands,

"Let me carry them for you, they look heavy." We walked through a door, that had a sign above it that said 'Canteen'. I guess I was a pretty lucky girl to be walking with Sam, because Sam had told me most girl fancied him, that's why he liked me because I wasn't being all fake around him. Maybe I'd tell Lindey that, if she was being a bitch to me!

"Ooooo, Sammy boy, who's this hotty?" One guy said as we walked towards a table, in the middle of the canteen. The table was filled with guys, the popular guys, and a few girls under their arms, Sam laughed, as he pulled out a chair for me.

"Hi, I'm Grace, I'm new here." I sat down, they all seemed pretty friendly.

"Grace, that idiot, he's Smit, that's Luke, and Joe." They smiked at me, "That's Hannah, and Alice." The girls smiled at me, sipping away at their mineral waters,

"So Grace, you single, or has Sam already got his hands on you." Smit asked,

"I was just showing her around..." Sam laughed, as he offered me a sandwich, I took it but it was chicken salad, I hate salad!

"Yeah right Sammy boy, yeah right! I'm telling you Grace, don't get in his car!" Sam threw a napkin at Joe, I giggled. Maybe Oceanside High, wasn't going to be that bad.

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