No Returns

Amelia Johnson has a perfect life, she has an unlimited bank balance, a perfect boyfriend, a life in the spotlight, but after one party ends in disaster, Amelia life is turned upside down.... With no returns.


7. No way back

"Okay, yes mum, I'll promise I'll be fine. I have to go now, bye." I hung up the "safe phone", it just looked like a normal phone apart from no one can hack it apparently. I would be arriving in California at some secret army base, then I'd be dropped off at some random family to live a normal life, I looked down at my clothes, which were new. A pair of shorts and a t-shirt, if my stylist saw me now, she'd have a fit, I looked like a normal teenager. Do I like it? I didn't know. My hair was now short, and brown and I had a fringe, my eyes were green as I had to wear contacts. The first time I looked in the mirror, it was like looking at a different girl, a stranger, Amelia was dead, I was now Grace. 

"We will be landing in 2 minutes, put your belt on Grace." I ignored the voice because at first I forgot that Christina was talking to me, but I ignored her anyway. I looked out the window of the private jet, the sky was perfectly blue as we flew over a city, a beach with crystal clear water, glistened in the distance. I was so far away from home now, what was wrong with me? I hated my life so much and now I wanted it back? Ironic right? The plane descended onto a field, the only thing around was a black car, waiting in the distance. Oh' god, my stomach flipped, I was in a new world and completely lost.


I sat in the back seat of the car, staring out the window as I took in California. This is all I'd got so far: a) It was really hot  b) There were some pretty hot guys, including the driver. He's called Sam. c) It was seriously daunting, and big. Oh' and also, where the heck am I?

"Luke, where are we? I mean in California?"  I asked him,

"Oceanside, just outside L.A." He said hotly, oh' L.A, maybe I'd be an actress in my new life? "Hey, Grace. We're here, Alberta Avenue. That's your house, there." He pointed out the window to a house, it had a neatly kept front garden, with two cars parked in the drive way, a white truck and green people carrier. The house was cute, half brick, half light green paneling, with steps leading up to a porch and a green front door, here goes nothing. I opened the car door, and leaped out onto the street, Luke came up beside me and handed me one of my bags. 

"Grace, you go ahead and I'll help you with your bags." Luke said, as he took two of my suitcases under his big muscly arms. I glanced at him, he nodded and I began to make my way down the path and towards the front door. Oh' god, I'd never been so scared in my life, what if they didn't like me? What if they're mass murderers? I walked up the steps reluctantly and pressed the door bell. 

At first I thought no one would answer the door, but then it slowly opened, revealing a woman holding a baby on her hip. That must be Monica, she looked flustered and a bit different to how she looked in the picture I saw.

"Hi, sorry I wasn't expecting you so early. You must be Grace, it's nice to meet you! I'm Monica and this little devil is Lilly, come in, come in." She pulled open the door and beckoned me into the hallway, I walked in, trying not to scratch the wall with my case, first impressions of the hallway was it was homely and nice. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all. 

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