No Returns

Amelia Johnson has a perfect life, she has an unlimited bank balance, a perfect boyfriend, a life in the spotlight, but after one party ends in disaster, Amelia life is turned upside down.... With no returns.


10. New Girl

"Hello hunny, how can I help you?" A dolled up, middle aged woman asked me, as I lent on the reception desk of Oceanside High,

"I'm the new student, Grace Harrell." I told her, she smiled at me, before walking picking up the phone. I tuned out, I was so nervous about today, I wasn't famous anymore, I couldn't just expect everyone to love me, I was the english new girl who was thrown in at the deep end. I'd seen so many films about American High schools, and I was praying they were just a big lie, because I didn't fancy getting beaten up or ripped apart by a bunch of cheerleaders just by being the new girl.

"Grace, I'm the head here, my name is Mrs Thompson, it's a plessure to meet you." A lady walked over to me, who looked surprisingly young to be a head teacher walked over across reception towards me, and shock my hand. I smiled at her, as she handed me a book,

"It's nice to meet you too." I looked down at the book, 'Oceanside High School- Guide book',

"This is your guide book, its got your timetable, map of the school, the social calender, things like that. You might want to read through that later, but it's all in there." I flicked throught the pages, like I would ever understand any of this! What was a social calender anyway? I mean does this school encourage partying? "I looked at your time table for today and your first period is Spainish, luckily for you it's just out of this reception building, turn left into the first building, then it's the first door you come to." She pointed to a building, out of two automatic doors, but Spainish wasn't going to be too hard, Iearnt it from my first ever nanny. I can't remember her name, I've had so many nannys, too many to count. I began to make my way out of reception and on my way to Spainish, this was it now, I was the new girl, the normal new girl, the first time in my whole life.



Room 5, Spainish. I stood outside the door,  I quickly glanced at the timetable. This was definatly the right room, I knocked gently knocked on the door; if I was Amelia, the class would turn to me, there would be screams and people would pull out their camera phones, but by the look of things, through the glares I was now getting from the class through the door window, this class looked more like they were going to rip off my head.

"Hola señorita, can I help you?" I was snapped back to reality by a lady staring at me,

"Erm... err... I'm Grace Harrell, I'm new and I have Spainish now." I pointed to my timetable, but she just nodded and beckoned me into the lion's den, (sorry the classroom.)

"Clase, este es nuestro nuevo estudiante de la Gracia Harrell, podemos darle una agradable y cálida bienvenida a nuestra clase de español?" The teacher announced to the class, but by the looks on their blank faces they had no idea what they just said. She had said, 'Class, this is our new student Grace Harrell, can we give her a nice warm welcome to our spanish class?' But I was the only person in the room who knew that. The teacher sighed, before pointing to an empty seat near the back of the classroom,

"Grace, will you go and take a seat at the back of the class, my name is Señora Enríquez. Here's your books." She took a pile of books off her desk and handed them to me, I smiled at her before making my way down the row of desks. Lindsey was there, I smiled at her but she just stared at me blankley. I can't believe she was protending not to know me, was I that un-cool? I slung my bag off my shoulder, sliding it under my desk, before sitting at my desk.

"Okay, so does everyone know what they have to do for the project? You have about 30 minutes to start it, oh' and Sam, explain it to Grace, you two can work together..." I looked towards this Sam boy who was sitting on the desk next to me, he smiled at me as he pulled his chair over to my desk.

"Hey, I'm Sam, this project is pretty crap but it's 50% of our final grade this semesta, so it's pretty important. You any good at Spainish?" He looked at me,

"Well, I'm alright." I smiled at him, I was better than alright but I didn't want to be classed as a nerd, (they always end up with their head down a loo!)

"Oh' you're British..."  He began flicking through my text book,

"Yeah I am, you're good, you should be a detective." He glanced up at me and smiled, he was pretty cute.

"I know right! It's just that it's a project on tourist information about Cali..." I'd only just got here, but I felt a lot more comfortable around Sam, even though I knew I was getting the occasional daggers from the rest of the class.

"I basically know nothing, I got here yesterday." He laughed, but not looking up from his note taking,

"Well, maybe I'll have to show you round a bit newbie, what have you got next?" I pulled my guide book out my bag and looked at my timetable,

"Modern History, room 92."

"Oh' snap newbie, I'll walk you if you want?" I blushed, as he pulled back his blonde hair from his eyes, he glanced up at me, raising his eyebrows,

"Yeah... That would be great."

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