No Returns

Amelia Johnson has a perfect life, she has an unlimited bank balance, a perfect boyfriend, a life in the spotlight, but after one party ends in disaster, Amelia life is turned upside down.... With no returns.


13. Hit The Beach

I typed in Monica's number into my new i-phone, and waited for it to ring,

"Hello?" Monica sounded flustered as always,

"Hi Monica it's Grace." I told her, I considered she'd only known me for a few hours so she might of forgotten me!

"Oh' hi Grace sweetie are you okay? I was actually wondering where you were as Lindsey and you didn't come back together and she's actually just gone to the beach." I was now hoping there was more than one beach in Oceanside, as I was guessing Lindsey wouldn't be very impressed that I was just about to turn up there with a boy that she is crushing on.

"Well, I was just asking if it's okay if I can stay out with my friends this evening. I'll pick up my own dinner and stuff." I looked over towards Sam who was standing at the bar with the others, I smiled,

"Yeah, fine by me, just as long as you don't have any homework to do?" I only had the project, and I was sort of doing that right now,

"Nope, luckily for me. I better be off, have a good evening." Monica laughed,

"Well I'll try, Luke is being difficult and won't get off that flamen' x-box and Lilly is teething. Good thing you can escape the zoo whilst you can! Bye hun."

"Bye Monica." I took the phone away from my ear and hung it up.

I walked back over to the bar, where they were all waiting for me.

"You ready hun?" Hannah asked me, as she flung a beach beag over her shoulder, what was with everyone calling me 'hun' here?

"Yeah, I'm ready for the next part of the tour." Sam picked up my bag and handed in to me, he really needed to quit making me fall for his charm, it was annoying how a guy I've known for a day could be so darn perfect! I smiled at him,

"Keep it, it goes with your outfit!" I winked at him as he chucked my bag at me,

"Ha, ha, ha, funny Grace. Real funny!" I laughed as he walked at the bar door, leaving me behind with Smitt,

"So you like Sam huh?" Smitt put his arm around me as we walked out,

"Well, we're just friends Smitt." He scoffed,

"Who you trying to kid Grace, he's like a changed dude, he's like protecting you and stuff." He was right, but at first I assumed he was like that, deep down I hoped he liked me, I hoped that it would play out like those cheesey American high school films I used to spend most of my weekends watching, but without my head down the toilet. I have no idea why most of the films I watched people got their head down a toilet but they just do.

"Well maybe Smitt that's just him?" He shook his head, so maybe not then,

"No way, Sam gets girls, he can get any girl he wants, we're a popular and smokin' hot group of dudes. Sam dates so many girls, but never has he ever acted like this with a new girl, who he's only just meet. He never acts like this with girls he's dating." I would see Sam standing by Hannah's Audi, chatting away to some dude holding a surf board (califronia talk is picked up quick!) I pushed Smitt's hand off my shoulder,

"And your point is?" I asked him,

"Don't go to his house when his parents aren't in, same with you, because it's obvious you two are like in love because you are both shit at hiding it!" I looked at him,

"Smitt seriously, I've known him for a day, same with you mate." He laughed,

"I wasn't asking to get off with you, I'll leave that for Sam!" I laughed, but this conversation was over now because we'd met the others.

"Can we get to the beach already guys?" Alice moaned, as we all started walking across the road in the direction of the beach.


The beach was still busy, mainly full of people I recognised from school, some hot surfer dudes and the odd dog walker. The others wanted to go in the sea, but I didn't have a swinsuit worthy of my new found popularity, so me and Sam sat on the golden sand together protecting the girl's bags. (I can't protend it was not want I wanted to do.) We'd been talking for ages, getting to know eachother, our lives, my old fake life in New York.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" He asked me, was he talking about me? Oh' god!

"Where has this come from?" I smiled at him, as he wrapped his jumper round my shoulders, "Thanks." I whispered,

"Well, it's just a question." He pushed his hair from his eyes, why was he so... so amazing? Truth was I didn't know.

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