No Returns

Amelia Johnson has a perfect life, she has an unlimited bank balance, a perfect boyfriend, a life in the spotlight, but after one party ends in disaster, Amelia life is turned upside down.... With no returns.


12. Cokes and convertables

I made my way to the school office to report back to the receptionist about how my day had been and the truth was, I hadn't been that bad at all. Grace was now in to the popular crowd, on her first ever day of High School, pretty good going don't you think? All those American movies had been telling lies, not once had today was my head anywhere near a toilet, but I had been getting evil glares from some Cheerleaders but the not so popular ones because they were not sitting on the cool people table, with the HOTTEST BOY IN SCHOOL!!!

"Hi Grace, how was your day hunny?" The dolled up receptionist asked me,

"Yeah, really good thanks." I passed her my letter, to sign to say I'd reported back,

"Sorry Mrs Tompson couldn't see you off but she's busy in a meeting with some parents, you know what they can be like when they blame her for their difficult spoilt brats behaviour. I really don't envy her job one little bit!" I smiled but really, I had no idea what she was going on about, but I'd already met a few of these 'spoilt brats' she was talking about. "Did I see you with Sam Beamon earlier, because if you were hunny, you have done well. Girls in this school are all over him, bless his blonde locks! He's captin of the baseball team you know!" I grinned, even this lady who works on reception fancies him, Grace had done good. Was it bad that I'd forgotten Josh?

"Yeah, lucky me right?" She handed back my letter before I headed out the large reception doors, I guessed Lindsey wouldn't be waiting behind to give me a lift, so I'd be walking round the streets trying to find my way home as I had no sense of direction. The car park was buzzing with students, most of the older students jumping into convertables and speeding off, music on way to loud just to draw attention to themselves. Then I saw Lindsey's truck pull out right in front of me, as a truck load of all her friends turned to look at me, including her. I could see there was a spare seat, I glared at her, hoping that she'd offer me a lift home. The convertable behind her tooted their horn for her to move, and that's exactly what she did, without me. What a bitch. I scoffed, before carrying on walking towards the gates.

"Hey Grace, wait up!" I turned to see Hannah pull up beside me, in another spotless read Audi convertable, Mum used to have one of those and I remember then being worth a crazy amount of money. Sam, was sitting in the back seat, Smitt in the front.

"The grand tour I promised, Hannah said it would be a good idea now for us to show you round, but if your busy, we can do it some other time." He smiled at me, but Smitt laughed,

"Oh' god Sam, you really must like this girl, if your being all polite! Grace, you coming or not?" I nodded, before, as lady like I could, took a seat in the back next to Sam.

"So where we going then?" I asked them,

"Where do you wanna' go?" Sam turned to me, I looked down and smiled, 

"I don't know, what do I need to see?" I asked, but Smitt cracked up laughing,

"She doesn't mean it like that Smitt you idiot." Hannah, hit Smitt in the stomach with her free hand, it took me a while to get it, but when I did I blushed again, Sam laughed nervously.

"I can think of a few things Sam might want to show you!" Smitt turned round and winked at me before laughing again.

"Smitt stop please." Sam told him, I turned and looked out of the car, we began to pick up speed and my hair was wafting around my face in the cool breeze, the sun beating down on my face. I bent down to reach my bag, and pulled out my pink Ray Ban sunglasses, putting them on. They were the only item from my old life and I was grateful, because I needed them in the Cali sunshine. "You're a girl Hannah, what do you think Grace should see?" Hannah turned into a small carpark opposite the beach,

"Well yeah Sam, I am a girl and right now I'm seriously dying of thirst, so lets go grab a Coke from the best beach bar in town. Then hit the beach? Luke, Joe and Alice will meet us here as soon as Alice has finished tennis." We all got out the car, Sam holding the door for me. Smitt put his arm around Hannah, as they made their way into the beach bar, Sam and I walking slowly behind.

"Sorry if Smitt embarressed you or anything, he's just a joker." Sam told me, I didn't really bother me, Sam was just a gentleman, I'd never been treated so well by a guy before. I thought Josh was perfect, but comparing him to Sam, he wasn't.

"Ahh no, don't worry about it." I glanced up at him,

"So I'm guessing you want a diet coke?" I laughed, he assumed I was into dieting and all that stupid stuff,

"No way, give me full fat, can't be bothered with all that faffy stuff!" He brushed his hair out of his eyes, his beautiful, blue sparkly eyes.

"You really are something Grace, girls round here are normally, you know into that stuff."

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