I should have seen that bus coming,I'm in a starnge place.Then why do I feel at home?


3. Lidia...

"Are you alright?" asked a girl,she had dark brown hair and grass green eyes. I nodded, I looked at her skin, it was the most white skin I had ever seen!

"W-Who are you?"

"I'm Lidia Moonsong, I died when a nasty doctor took all the blood from my body. I would damn him to hell but I can't be bothered.So what is your name and how did you die?"

"U-Ummm,well I'm Alice Darki and I died because my friend Janie said it was okay to cross the road and I got hit by a bus.."


Silence decended until a cheery orb of light cried in a tinkley voice:

"To go to heaven,you must find, the keeper of sorrows in your time. Find what you need and follow your heart, that's when you'll find true paradise at last......"

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