I should have seen that bus coming,I'm in a starnge place.Then why do I feel at home?


2. Hit...

"The countdown has begun..."


What did that image mean? I then focused my conversation to Janie,my extremly annoying and chatty friend.

"I know, let's go to the pier!!" Janie exclaimed in a flurry of excitement. I releuctantly followed and Janie shot across the road.

"It's safe to cross, don't worry!!!"

I walked into the road and as I got to the middle *THWACK* my body got hit by a bus full of school kids,I was sent flying down the road and came to a landing at Janie's brother's feet.


I suddenly felt like I was falling,I landed with a bump and when I opened my eyes,I was in a dark grey chamber...


The image appered again and said "Good things come to those who wait,the dead just have to wait longer....." and with that my blood stained image was gone.....

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