In this story, time is the only thing Maria wants. Time could save her or kill her.


3. The Curse

  The curse is the reason we're in this mess. The mess of our family and our death. Here's a few things I will tell you, but only because I need to. I just have to tell someone. Okay here it goes, The first person that's not a Water that I've told this secret to. My grandpa, well he was a bad person, in jail three times and in jail right now. He was very, ummm lets say close with the spirits. he talked to them on a daily basis. His favorite one to talk to was Death. He could tell Death to do something and Death would. One day my dad was talking to my grandfather, and lets just say my dad tried to send him to a senior home because he thought that grandpa had lost his mind. Grandpa talked to death and told them to take the Water's lives. Dad died the second he had the conversation with Grandpa. Then mom died on Dad's birthday one year later, and now Josh died on Dad's birthday two years later? Do you see a pattern? Cause I do. That means that according to the pattern I should die next year. Then Lucy the year after. Wait! I have to stop talking. I've already risked your life and mine to much.


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