In this story, time is the only thing Maria wants. Time could save her or kill her.


1. The Water's

                 Most people don't even know people like me exist. Lucky them. One less thing for them to worry about. My name's Maria. Maria Water. Everybody says it's a pretty name, but me, I hate it. Not the Maria part, The Water part. The Water part is what is causing me and my family to live such short, scary lives. We never know when the.......... Wait. I shouldn't be telling you this. It could cause both of us to die... It's just me and my family. Waiting for our unexpected death to happen. It could happen whenever. It could happen five minutes from now for all I know. Anyway, I live with my older brother Josh and my younger sister Lucy. Our parents died a long time ago. Right after Lucy was born. Josh's fifteen, I'm thirteen and Lucy's seven. Lucy doesn't understand yet. Doesn't understand why our parent's died. She doesn't know about our grandpa. The one who put the curse on us. He was a a...... No! I shouldn't be saying this. I shouldn't. I just need to tell someone. Can you protect yourself? Protect yourself from the truth? The truth that needs to be told but can't be?

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