How To Live With Ellie

Its about me and my best freinds Ellie and what i have to put up with


1. How we met

How I Met Ellie

Well it was the first day of year 7 and moving into our new school (oakmeeds) and our head of year put us in groups, because we had to build a bridge out of newspaper scraps and celtape. I was hoping i would be put with someone i knew. Unlucky for me i got stuck with people i didnt want to get to know . One was called Bradley Hamilton a boy who thinks hes cool and popular and got a blue and pink bike. The second  guy was called Thomas Booth and u could tell that Tom and Bradley were really good freinds, and finally this girl called Ellie Dallison. So i just sat there, just bout to fall asleep and then Ellie goes and says "Right then Bradley and Tom go get some celletape and Sophie (me) and i will get some newspaper. So while Bradley and Tom attempt to go kik down some other people bridges, Ellie and I go get like loads of newspaper. As soon and the boys get back from getting the celletape we get to work building the bridge. it took us for like doe ever to build it and as i was just about to put the last bit of newspaper of it collapsed, i was like "Oh Sh*t". Then i burst out laghing along with Ellie Tom and Bradley.



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