How to survive the zombie apocalypse, teenage style.

The zombie apocalypse has come about and this group are ready.
As I (and my friends) say; all teenagers are ready for a zombie apocalypse but never for that upcoming science test.
It's just what the title implies really


2. Holy Hula-hoops!

Chapter 2: Holy Hula-Hoops!

I woke up to being shoved off of my chair and landing in a heap on the floor of my room "Nixi! Get up, quick!" Jay shouted, there was a sense of urgency in his voice,'That's not normal, not for Jay.' I thought and picked myself off the floor to see Jay, blood spattered on him and Lilly sitting on my bed, sobbing something about mum and dad. "W-what's going on Jay?" I asked, quickly shoving my boots on and slipping my jacket on. "The name's Adrenaline Bomb, right?" he said, I dashed over to my window and tore open the curtains, I just stood there in complete shock. The western side of the neighborhood was up in flames and people were shuffling along the streets, they weren't people though, something had happened overnight. Something really bad. "I've managed to get rid of mum and dad. Mikey's by the door, we aren't bitten and I've got weapons and makeshift armor until we get to the department store down the street, we can hold out there." Jay said, his voice grave. "Holy Sh-" I began but was cut off by Jay "Hula-Hoops!" he shouted in an attempt to drown out my swearing. "Where? Where's the holy hula-hoops?" Lilly asked, suddenly perking up. "At the department store lil' Static Flame." Jay chuckled, passing me a pistol "It was dad's , plus it's your fav weapon right?" he said, I nodded, taking the pistol. I knew how to fire it as well, that's kinda common knowledge when you live in one of the rougher areas of New Jersey. "Is the house safe?" I asked, praying that it was, we'd need supplies, and fast. "Yeah, although there's a hell of a lot of blood down there so watch out." he warned as I trooped down the stairs, grabbing my 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.' rucksack as I headed into the kitchen. I emptied it of my schoolbooks and things that I didn't need until I found my cousin's dog tag necklace at the bottom of the bag, I slipped it on, she had died in the war in Afghanistan and I always kept it near me. I grabbed a few packets of crisps, sweets and the like, I grabbed a tin of dog food and a few knives, putting the knives on my belt and everything else in my bag. I picked up some more things including a few lighters, duct-tape and a torch (flashlight for american readers.)

I was about to finish packing up when I heard a scream from the lounge. Lilly had wandered off and something must have gotten in. I dashed in there pistol at the ready to find my next door neighbor inside, unzombified. "Raven?" I asked, if she spoke, she wasn't infected. "Hey Nix." she said, her tangled black hair framed a pair of amber eyes. "Transmission Corruption to you." I reminded. We both knew each other by our code-names. "Then I'm Poison Monster." she announced with a smirk. I noticed her shy twin brother half-hiding behind her, obviously shaken. We had two more on our team, We'd be able to get through this. 

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