How to survive the zombie apocalypse, teenage style.

The zombie apocalypse has come about and this group are ready.
As I (and my friends) say; all teenagers are ready for a zombie apocalypse but never for that upcoming science test.
It's just what the title implies really


3. Dash to the department store.

Chapter 3: Dash to the department store. 

"Everyone knows what they're doin' yeah?" Jay asked looking around at us all, since he was the oldest and seemed to know a hell of a lot more about the zombles (that's our nick-name for them) than us, we elected him leader of our little group and had sorted out code-name nicknames for us all, mine was Corruption, his was Dren, Mikey didn't need one but his was Mutt, Lilly's was Static, Raven's was Poison and Leo's (her twin brother) was Caffine. Jay had set up a system with a bunch of walkie-talkies that he found in the basement, we each had one and we had gotten a load more supplies, everyone had a backpack (apart from Mikey, although we did try to fit the little 'doggy pack' on him that we had bought last summer but he was having none of it.) We all had some sort of weapon, and most importantly a plan. We were going to go in pairs (I was going with Poison, Caffine was going with mutt and Dren was going with Static), we were staying in a group initially but we would split up and make our way over the fence around the department store. "It was closed yesterday so we should be able to get over fairly easily." Dren explains, going over our plan once again and glaring at Caffine for drinking the last of our coffee, he drank almost half a pot of freshly made coffee in less than 30 mins because he was scared half to death.

((srry for the shortness of this, next chapter will be longer))

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