How to survive the zombie apocalypse, teenage style.

The zombie apocalypse has come about and this group are ready.
As I (and my friends) say; all teenagers are ready for a zombie apocalypse but never for that upcoming science test.
It's just what the title implies really


4. Dash to the department store- part 2.

Dash to the department store-part 2

I slid open the sliding glass door at the back of the house and slipped outside, I motioned for the others to follow me and we all made our way over to the fence on the other side of the back yard as quietly as possible. I gestured for Static to come over and I gave her a boost to let her see over the fence and into the forest behind the town. I kept her up there for a minute or so, until she whispered down "All clear, there's two survivors fighting off an almost dead zomb, but they've managed to kill it good." she finished her little report and I heard a shout of a familiar voice from the other side of the fence. "Hey, kiddo, you an infected or not?" The voice asked. I put static down and rushed though the gate. "Jack!" I shouted, a big grin on my face as I waved to him "You're still alive!" I said in slight disbelief, he used to be my neighbor but his family moved to the next town over when I was thirteen. He stared at me for a minute, completely stunned "Hey, If i'd have known that we were in the area-" he said, but I cut him off. "We?" I asked. "Yeah, me, Kat and her brother, Shea." he said, stepping aside so that I could see the people he was travelling with. The first was a girl, about fifteen, my age, with dark brown, almost black hair which was tied up in a plait, she had blood on her pale face and black paint around her eyes, she was wearing camouflage jeans and jacket, a black tank top and red converse, although I doubted they were red when she first got them. I then looked at her brother, Shea, he was eleven, i suppose, so about the same age as Lilly. He had the same coloured hair as his sister and it looked like it hadn't been cut in a bit, his innocent hazel eyes stared at me, terrified though his fringe, he was dressed similarly to his sister although, it looked like he had never expected anything like this.

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