I am Pure

Read about inside - was too long to fit in the 'About the story' bit. (HINT: it's about Sirens, but not as we know them...)


2. Preface



I had always wanted to be loved, but after it had all happened, I would have given anything to go back to being despised and unwanted.

I used to love the feel of blood, the red liquid cascading down my arm. I used to want to see it, to let the warmth run over my fingers, flowing from my self-inflicted wound. My way of release was beautiful, the happiness flowing through me as I brought the blade down, and across...

As I ran my hand over my arm, caressing the faded white ridges I had so carefully cut, I realised just how many times I had seen my blood, and never realised what purity ran through it. If I’d have known then, I would have done what I was about to do sooner, to save myself all this pain. I would have done it anyway, I knew, even if they weren’t forcing me to. Maybe this is what made it easier. If I didn’t do what they required, they would kill us all. I had to end it – to be the last in the pureblood line.

I brought the knife up, and once again thrust it down, this time over my heart...

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