I am Pure

Read about inside - was too long to fit in the 'About the story' bit. (HINT: it's about Sirens, but not as we know them...)


1. About

I am Pure


All her life, sixteen year old Rose Banks has been hated by other girls, who have isolated her and put her down, leaving her with no self esteem at all. She hates the body and mind she lives in, driving her to self harm and drink. With a single parent father and an older brother idolising his attention, she has never felt loved, until she embarks on an unbearably heated holiday abroad.

Rose is suddenly stalked by boys, all of them claiming their unconditional and irrepressible love for her. She also catches the attention of a group of eerily beautiful girls, who see it as their duty to help Rose realise her true heritage as a Land Siren – bloodcurdling beings who repel human women and unconsciously force the love of men.

Land Sirens are a dying species, the girls seeking the company of Rose being the last. They have been waiting for a pureblood Siren to continue the race as untainted as possible, and Rose is horrified to learn that she might be the key to their master plan. She feels more trapped and alone than ever before, as her future is set in stone with no chance of escape, and the prospect of being with the boy she loves is looking impossible.

But as the girls search for the elusive second half to their scheme and Rose learns the ways of the Sisterhood, and the harsh rules that concern the control of her influences, an old legend surfaces, and a rivalry of the species relights. They soon learn they are not the only Sirens out there, and where there’s Land, there’s Water.

Rose and her new friends need to tread carefully, but with a whole new world open to her, being special above all others and adored by every boy who falls under her spell, Rose and the girls might not want to behave...

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