Willow has struggled in the grasp of society her whole life. A stranger arrives in town offering her a new beggining but at a price. Will Willow choose those she loves and cares for and has known her entire life or will she bend to the thrill of the un-know?

Everyone has a story and secrets just waiting to be told.


3. Chapter 3

"You’ve been a bad girl" the voice came from the shadow of the doorway when Willow got home. She stood still. That voice was familiar. Surely enough from the depths of the darkness emerged Anise. His strong muscles rippling dangerously beneath his shirt.

"Anise" she breathed. Anise always felt like a threat to her, like he was so full of power he might explode. Two years ago he had married her eldest sister Annabeth. It was another arranged marriage and although Annabeth felt uncomfortable marrying a stranger the good girl she was she made no fuss and did exactly as she was told.

And at first they were happy. Why wouldn’t they be it was planned from birth that they would marry. The two most powerful families in town; Willows who owned the money and Anise’s who owned the land. They went along with everything like mindless zombies happy the way they were told to be. Annabeth of course conceived child after child. Her and Anise breeding like rabbit’s the way they were told. To carry on the blood line.

But after a while Anise got greedy. He got sick of Annabeth and after their third child he had started to neglect her. He treat her like a slave, like she didn’t matter, like Charles treat Pandora. He looked at Willow now his smile cruel and hungry. She was young, only 17 years of age and beautiful in her youthfulness, she was one of the most beautiful of all the girls in town and he knew it. He in contrast was 22 and in his age came success. He was an attractive man and very powerful but he was also boorish in his treatment of women and treat them more as possessions than individuals.

"ah come on Will aren’t ya’ gonna give us a kiss?" he grabbed he at her waist pulling her to him, she struggled backwards from him, his breath reeking of beer and brutal look took over the animation in his eyes. "maybe you should go home to Annabeth" Willow said softly pushing away from him. The smile dropped from his face. "well maybe it isn’t Annabeth I want, maybe it’s my whore!" he shouted smashing the bottle in his hand to the ground and advancing on her. She stepped backwards against his advances panic turning to adrenaline in her blood.

"well then go find her" she said her voice desperate. His smile was cruel and mocking "but you’re my whore Will" he proclaimed. She looked at him horrified. "I am of no such thing, you are married to my sister and I am of good blood" she exclaimed sternly still stepping back from his advances. That smile crept across his lips again making Willows stomach lurch. "Your father tells me you denied your engagement, you know what that means don’t you" she didn’t say anything "that means" he continued "that means your up for grabs, he’s gonna throw you out and all you’ll be useful for is the whore house and me being my charitable self" he spread his arms apart in a grand gesture laughing "will take you as my Whore, I love me some sisters. Your mother will be oh so indebted to me for taking care of both her daughters I might even have a pop at that to" he laughed.

Willow felt the bile rise in her throat. "now get here whore! Or do I have to chase you" he slurred. Willow felt herself frozen in place. He had advance on her before she knew what was happening he forced her to the ground and began to force himself on her she made no movement or any attempt to get him off of her. "good girl" he sneered whilst he un-buttoned his pants. A flash of rebellion ran through Willows eyes then, snapping into animation before he even knew what had happened she kneed him in the groin. He rolled over crying in agony as she raised back to the house her breath coming in fast.

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