Willow has struggled in the grasp of society her whole life. A stranger arrives in town offering her a new beggining but at a price. Will Willow choose those she loves and cares for and has known her entire life or will she bend to the thrill of the un-know?

Everyone has a story and secrets just waiting to be told.


2. Chapter 2

Willow took her time to the bank where her father worked. He owned the bank like much else in the town so she was known widely and as she walked gentlemen tipped their hats women bowed their bonnets. She was so taken back by the scenery as if seeing it for the very first time. She let the suns rays soak in her soft peach skin. "Miss Delcane" the voice startled her and she made a yelp at the shock. She put a hand to her heart racing in her chest her breath coming fast she attempted to steady herself.

Willow looked up to where the voice had come from. She was met with emerald green eyes and a smile that could shame the heavens, his voice was soft and seductive. She felt the heat run to her cheeks. "are you alright Miss?" the voice made her inside melt. "yea . . . Yes . . . thank you" she managed. The man chuckled in the shadow of the tree he leaned against. "You have beautiful eyes" he smiled that brilliant smile again. "th-thank you" she stuttered "do - do I know you?" her voice appeared weak but she couldn’t calm the quiver when met by those eyes.

"not yet" he smiled. The commotion of a collapsed carriage caught her eye for a moment but when she turned back the mysterious stranger had gone. She was left with goose bumps running up and down her arms and back even though no breeze had fallen in the heat. She composed herself for a moment more before carrying on.

"Miss Delcane" the receptionist smiled from behind her desk as Willow entered her fathers foyer. "he’s expecting you" she continued seeing Willows lost expression. She had never been to her fathers office before, the whole experience was very daunting for her. Everything was so grand, so lavish. It was so overwhelmingly beautiful she didn’t know where to look.

"Miss Delcane?" Willow blinked back into consciousness and nodded at the fair haired receptionist smiling. She stepped forward and pushed open the heavy oak door into her fathers office, shutting it behind her when she had entered.

"My beautiful darling daughter what a nice surprise" her father smiled from behind his desk, standing at her entrance, she had never received such a greeting from her father, she let the suspicion slide from her mind taking in the welcome praise.

"I’ve brought you lunch father, mother said you forgot it this morning" her voice came out more timid than she had meant it. "indeed" he smiled, "well it is in fact a good job you stopped by today I have a very special visitor with me here" he beamed, Willow felt the confusion set in again along with the worry.

From the shadows emerged a broad shouldered figure, soft honey coloured hair, fair skin, strong arms and piercing blue eyes. He took Willow’s breath away. "this is Scott" he father gestured towards the figure who at the bowed towards Willow making the heat rush into her cheeks for a second time this morning. "he’s to be your husband" her father concluded. At this her gaze snapped back towards her father. She wasn’t ready for a husband, she didn’t want one, she despised the whole idea of arranged marriages not being able to marry the person you love. Marrying a person that you have to get to know before you’ve even had time to get to know yourself. I’m only 17, I don’t want a husband. Willow thought to herself.

"Well?" her father asked. At this willow squared her shoulders, levelled her gaze to meet his, her eyes cold with malice and distaste. "No" the word was cold and certain from her lips. "No?!" the rage in her fathers tone came all at once along with a firm slap across her cheek. "how dare you speak out to me!" the defiance in her eyes was cold and un-friendly to his response. "I will NOT marry that" her gaze remained as steady as her tone. At that she stormed out.

She didn’t stop to cry until she was far enough away that she was sure no one could see her and she was completely alone. She sunk to the grass bank burying her head in her knees. "Are you okay Miss?" the soft voice from this morning came from out of the fog. Willow lifted her head up in shock. "I-er-I’m-ah"she stammered trying to regain her vocabulary with no prevail. She took a deep breath and looked up into those dazzling green eyes "I’m fine thank you" she managed.

He offered her his hand but she shook her head not even being able to bare the thought of going home right now. His smile was kind and understanding as he slid down next to her. "Family" it wasn’t a question but she answered anyway "they can just be … difficult sometimes" she huffed. She felt so completely comfortable around him, like every problem she ever had in that moment being with hi had just made it all melt away into nothingness.

She looked at him sitting at her left staring into the distance "it gets easier" he said still staring into the distance as if seeing something no one else could see. He looked at her then as a rain drop fell on her cheek, he wiped it off with his thumb tentatively. Rain droplets hung softly to the tips of his raven black fringe his hair falling just above his neck in a rugged rebellious way.

"best get you home princess" he smiled, his voice soft. Everything about him made her tingle like a breeze caressing her skin again and again. There was just something about him. She let him walk her to her yard and turned to him "I best go" she smiled, he nodded in understanding. "can I know your name?" she asked he voice timid. He smiled his cheeky smile back at her "not yet".

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