Willow has struggled in the grasp of society her whole life. A stranger arrives in town offering her a new beggining but at a price. Will Willow choose those she loves and cares for and has known her entire life or will she bend to the thrill of the un-know?

Everyone has a story and secrets just waiting to be told.


1. Chapter 1

Ash’s eyes gleamed a brilliant red across the approaching dawn. A smile creeping to her lips in morbid amusement. This was it. This was her chance. She looked up from under her eyelids the predatory smile still lingering on her lips, as the black flecks in her eyes danced against their blood red background. And then a scream ripped the sky apart.



"Nancy? Nancy? Oh come on Nancy, this isn’t funny . . . Nancy? Nancy it’s getting dark" Willows voice pleaded to the dark night, her eyes searching wildly for her sister. "Nancy please? I’m scared" she whimpered. From behind a twig snapped, she spun toward where the sound had come from only to be met with Nancy jumping at her from behind a tree. She yelped in shock holding back a scream.

"My my your such a baby sometimes Llow" she hugged around her petite sisters waist trudging her way back home. "Mom’ll be mad" Willow’s voice had an edge of worry to it. Nancy looked down at her sister, two lapis blue eyes stared back up to her through the darkness. "it’ll be fine, we’ll just say you were chaperoning me and Taz" Nancy’s perfect smile came in reply.

Golden light poured through the open door as the girls made their way to the porch. Pandora Delcane, their mother, was stood in the doorway. Her petite figure reflected by a shadow cast on the wooden steps, her soft golden hair lapping in the soft light from behind. "and where do you two think you’ve been" the high chastising tone of their mothers voice was laced with anger and worry. Willow froze.

"hi Mama, Llow here was just chaperoning me and Taz, we didn’t realise it had gotten so late and came straight home" Nancy lied. Willow admired how smooth Nancy lied, how the lie trickled between her perfect lips and even when you knew it wasn’t true you wanted to believe it.

"is this true?" their mother now looked to Willow, Nancy looked too, the look in her eyes saying "don’t mess this up" Willow nodded stiffly swallowing the lump in her throat. Her mothers eyes narrowed in suspicion. "it’s true Mama" she forced out. Her mother made a dissatisfied humph and moved aside to let them in.

"Nancy" Willow whispered to her sister as they made their way up the stairs to their rooms, "yes Llow?" her tone bored and disinterested. "what if Momma asks Taz about tonight? What if he tells her that we never even glimpsed him? What we gonna do?" Willows tone was anxious now. Nancy stopped dead in her tracks and turned to her sister. "then nothing. Taz won’t say nothing, not if I don’t speak to him first, and even if I don’t he’ll know to cover for us. He’d know I won’t talk to him if he don’t" "but Nancy" "I don’t wanna hear another word of it you hear? Now go to bed you’ve got a big day tomorrow" Nancy’s tone carried all the authority of an older sibling that she was entitled to. Willow bowed her head and headed to bed.

The next day came faster than Willow realised, she felt the sleep had not been enough as Bramble awoke her. "Mommas askin’ for you" she said as she gently shook Willow fully awake. Although Bramble was not her ‘real’ sister so to speak, they were brought up together and until recently had been treat equally, but after her father had gotten angry one night he demanded that Bramble be ‘put in her place’ or else she’d be thrown onto the street. Her mother loved Bramble like one of her own and could not bare the thought of her being chucked out onto the street like some common animal so she made her a handmaid. She allowed her to call her mother still though and treat her just the same. Their mother said "she is just the same as before but with extra chores is all".

Brambles mother had abandoned her as a baby at the door step of their home, she was a year younger than Willow and of all her ‘siblings’ she cared for Willow the most. Her soft coca coloured skin was warm as she helped Willow get ready. "this is new" Willow looked at Bramble confused at the new sky blue dress she was being tied into. "Momma was right it makes your eyes even more beautiful" Bramble smiled. At that point Pandora entered the room bringing the sent of fresh honeysuckle with her.

She gestured for Willow to turn, she obliged. "mmm, very pretty" her mother smiled. "what’s this for?" Willow asked confused, her mother had never gave her such ravish gifts before and it immediately made her suspicious. "can’t I enjoy making my beautiful daughter more beautiful?" she smiled which made Willow all the more suspicious. "oh Willow honey your father forgot his lunch, will you be a darling and take it to him for me?" her mother cooed a glint of mischief in her eyes. This set alarm bells off in Willows mind, any such chore like this she would usually either do herself or send Bramble when she could not go herself. She believed strongly in being the obedient housewife so scared of her husbands wrath should she slip up.

Bramble smiled encouragingly. Willow nodded not wanting to upset her mother after she had gone to so much effort to make her look nice for her ‘first outing’ un-chaperoned. Usually if she or Nancy were to go out they had to have an escort. Nancy being older she assumed she would have been let out first but Willow wasn’t about to question her new found freedom so early. She thought of how difficult it would have been for her mother to acquire this dress for her in the first place, her father was not one to give lavish gifts for such a menial thing, he didn’t understand but they did. Bramble put a tentative hand on her shoulder as she made her first step outside alone.

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