My heart on the page

this is 'my heart on a page' its very personal and emotional for me. please dont judge me, just read and try to understand what i have been through and why i am the way i am.


1. the begining

When everything began on 21st August 1996 when i was born. I had an older brother an and older sister and my parents were really young when they had the three of us. I think they really struggled because they took drugs and and stole money - my father was in and out of prison. My birth parents had fights and sometimes my father would get violent towards my mum and me and my siblings. Then they would break up and then get back together. then they got pregnante again with my little sister. then soon enough we were all adopted into different family's but my little sister and i were kept together.


I was adopted 11 years ago, i dont remeber anything much just that my new family loves me very very much and i love them. But my new mum and dad soon got divorced and they lived in completly different places. Because i was still young it didnt have a big impact on me at the time.


I guess that was really the begining of my new life.

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