Dreams can teach lessons.

Amber is at her boyfriend George's party. People call her Slut, Bitch, Alcoholic and druggie, but does she care? Her mother died and she chose the wrong path, now she is faced with a decision.
Choose to carry on the life she lives or live the life she was meant to have.


9. The Change.


I stretched my arms over my head, letting out a sleepy yawn. My hands hit something and I looked up, it was the head of the bed. I rubbed my eyes. Was all that a dream? Was it a sign? I sat up and rubbed the back of my neck. I looked beside me to see George sleeping; the cover lay around his waist. I frowned. Running my hand through my extensions, I couldn’t get the picture of him and Libby out of my head.

I could hear voices outside the door and the music from the DJ playing. The night wasn’t over. I rolled onto my side, and stared at George. Then I slapped him. “What was that for?” He snapped. “Did you not have a good time earlier?”

“You are such a Bastard!” I shouted. “What have I done?” He sat up and looked at me, with an innocent look on his face. I got out of bed and pulled on my hot pants and my top. “Come back to bed.” He got up and stood by the door. “Get out of my way!” I snapped. “Not until you tell me what’s going on!”

“Oh you know well enough what you did.” I pushed him against the door. “I actually don’t...”

“You cheated on my with LIBBY!” I pushed past him and opened the door. “Wait Amber, please can we talk.” He called down the hall. There were people staring at us. I was still in George’s house at his party. “No, and George. It’s over!” I gave him the finger and then stormed out of the house slamming the door.

I got into the house, it was 1am and my sister and dad were in bed. I was sure Mark was at that party. I ran up the stairs and into the bathroom. I undressed and stepped into the shower. When I turned it on it was cold, the water gathering in the bottom was an orangey-brown. My eye liner and mascara ran down my cheeks and I frantically tried to get rid of it. I scrubbed with my lemon body was, and then yanked the extensions out of my hair.

I flushed the extensions down the toilet, saying goodbye to them forever. I walked down the hall into my bedroom and flung open the wardrobe. I looked through my clothes and the only words I could think of were: Slut, whore, bitch. So I couldn’t wear any of my actual clothes. I tied the fabric band of my dressing gown tighter and then grabbed my clothes in my arms; I opened the window and watched as they all floated gracefully into the mud.

I entered my brother’s room and went into his drawers. My brother may be 14 but he was taller than me, he was well built up actually, he went to the gym a lot. Most people thought he was older o that we were twins; you would never guess he was younger. I pulled out a pair of jogging bottoms, and a light blue top. I went into the bottom of his cupboard and took a pair of his trainers.

I sat at my dresser, wearing my brothers clothes that hung lose around me, but not too lose you actually might think I bought them. I stared at my hair and face. I carefully took out the contacts and grabbed a small pink box. I opened it and put on the pair of white glasses, they were quite big. I brushed my hair and pulled it back into a bobble and put it up in a clip. Just like I remembered Ally wearing hers like. I silently left the house again, with only one thing on my mind, the party. 

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