Dreams can teach lessons.

Amber is at her boyfriend George's party. People call her Slut, Bitch, Alcoholic and druggie, but does she care? Her mother died and she chose the wrong path, now she is faced with a decision.
Choose to carry on the life she lives or live the life she was meant to have.


11. Never stopped.


We walked down the street, heading towards home. “What was that about?” I asked. “He had it coming; he can’t call you that and get away.” Charlie had calmed down a bit but not completely, I kept thinking he would run back down the street and into the house to finish what he started. I looked behind to notice Charlie’s crew following. “I like your new look.” He complimented, looking behind him. “Thanks.”

“It’s my clothes!” Mark shouted from amongst the crowd, a broad boy with red hair covered his mouth whispering something in his ear.      Mark just nodded and they all jogged to catch up with us. There was Ken the red head boy, Jason a small chubby boy, Pete he was the tallest and towered over everyone and there was Mark.

“Well done dude.” Jason patted him on his back. “For what?” Charlie looked confused. “For fighting for your girl.” Pete and Ken hit Jason on the back of the head and I blushed. “What was that for?”

“Shut your gob.” Ken snarled. Mark flung his arm around me. “Washed and dry-cleaned.” He stated. “What?”

“The clothes I want them washed and dry-cleaned.” He smirked and I pushed him, laughing. We arrived at the tree house. “You guys go up I want to talk to Amber.” They nodded patting him on the back, grinning like little kids. My brother whispered something and winked at him before heading up. “What he say?” I crossed my arms and Charlie chuckled. “He told me not to get his clothes dirty.”

“Little bugger.” I looked up and saw them peaking out of the hole. “Privacy please.” Charlie called to them and they all groaned moving away.

“They are nosey.” I smirked looking at Charlie. “Yeah.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “So what you want to talk about?” I stepped closer to him. “I wanted to know if you were alright.” I nodded. “And I wanted to...uh...” He shook his head. “I can’t believe I’m going to do this.” He leaned close to me, held the sides of my head and kissed me. I swear I could see sparks fly, he was amazing. Nothing like George I actually felt something.

It was interrupted by Jason shouting. “You call that a kiss?!?” Charlie flipped him the finger and my brother shouted. “Don’t get too close! I’m sure my dad owns a gun!” His head lay against mine and we both laughed together, feeling like we were little kids again. He rubbed the sides of my face and kissed me again. I could feel me smiling in the middle of the kiss and he seemed to smile as well.

I turned my head away from him, breaking the moment we shared.

“What’s wrong?” There was disappointment in his voice. “Charlie.” I looked into his eyes and my stomach felt like it was doing flips. “Amber.” He blinked at me, watching my every move. “Will you promise me something?” I bit my lip. “Of course I will.” His grin widened. “Promise me that... that you will always love me.”

He leaned in towards my ear, lips so close it made my body tingle. “I never stopped.” 


(This is the first longer story I've finished on Movellas :D Hope you liked it.._) 

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