Dreams can teach lessons.

Amber is at her boyfriend George's party. People call her Slut, Bitch, Alcoholic and druggie, but does she care? Her mother died and she chose the wrong path, now she is faced with a decision.
Choose to carry on the life she lives or live the life she was meant to have.


7. Door 6.


We were in a completely white room, it seemed endless. I couldn’t tell if there were walls or not. There was no one here, just me and A. She stopped and waited. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Waiting.” She answered simply. “Why?”

“I am waiting for our guest to arrive, because it is polite.” She stated looking into the distance. “Ok...” We waited for at least five minutes before a figure emerged in the distance. There was no wind but her hair seemed to be blowing. She walked so gracefully, her light blue dress flowing around her, almost like she was floating. She got closer and closer and I realised who it was. I couldn’t mistake the jet black hair and rosy lips and cheeks to match. Her slightly tanned skin began to shimmer as she got closer. “Mum.” I said under my breath.

I ran towards her and wrapped my arms around her collapsing in a heap, crying. She stroked my hair like she used to do when I was little. “Don’t cry Amber.” Her voice was soft and sweet, just like I remembered. “Mum.” My voice was shaky but I managed to say it through my crying. “Honey, wipe your tears.” She smiled at me, her gray eyes filled with love. “I miss you.” She helped me up and wiped tears from my cheeks. “I miss you too.” She looked me up and down judgingly and slowly shook her head. “Oh Amber, what have you done?”

My mum was disappointed in me. “I-I-I...” I didn’t know what to say. “Amber this is not you, what you have been doing is not you.” She spoke but I could tell by her tone of voice she was ashamed. I couldn’t look her in the eye. A stood next to her, my mother smiled at her. “I’m guessing this is your doing Ally?” She smiled and played with a strand of hair. “I thought she should see what people thought of her.” Her voice was playful.

“Ally? You said you were me.” I crossed my arms. “Technically that’s true.  I am you, but I’m known as Ally.”

“Could have told me that.” I frowned. “Wasn’t important.” She shrugged. “So who are you really?” I raised an eyebrow. “I am that little voice you always ignore.” She looked away, my mother walked over to me. “Amber.” She held a pair of glasses in her hand, she moved my hair behind me ears and put them on. “This is the Amber I know.” She carefully removed my extensions and wiped half the makeup on my face off. She held a silver mirror up to my face. She stood behind me her reflection in the corner. “Amber, what do you see?” I looked, half my face was tanned and covered with makeup, the other was my natural skin colour the same as my mother’s lightly tanned but it looked much paler than the other side. “I see nothing.” I spoke quietly.

 “Well, I see my daughter. Half of who she is and half of who she was trying to be. You don’t need to try and be anyone Amber, you are fine just the way you are.” She ran her hands through my hair gently. “Amber stop bringing yourself down. You are beautiful, if anyone tells you different, they aren’t worth your time.” I could feel the tears coming on. “Don’t cry on my behalf, Amber you are strong don’t let anyone see you cry.” I wiped my eyes.

“Can I borrow that?” I pointed to a wipe in her hand. “Of course.” She handed it to me patting my hand. “Thank you.” I handed Ally my glasses, and wiped the other half of my makeup off, tan as well. I took out the contacts and everything went blurry. I flipped my hair down then back up, my straight hair changed into wavy curls. I rustled my hair with my fingers then got my glasses back.

When I put them on I could see tears in my mother’s eyes. “I’m proud of you Amber.” She squeezed me tightly, placing a light kiss on my forehead. “You are gorgeous. Now do me a favour.”

“Whatever you want mum.” I whispered into her hair, I took a deep breath. Her hair smelt like strawberries and the flowers blooming in the spring time. “Promise me you will never forget that and never forget that I love you.” A little whimper slipped past my lips.

“I have to go now.” She held my face, her hands were so soft. I put mine on top of hers. “Please don’t.”

“I will never leave you Amber, whenever you forget that I will be there. In your dreams.” She smiled her white teeth perfect. Everything about her was perfect. “Please, I don’t want you to go.” I begged her. “My time is up and you need to go make some decisions.” She kissed both my cheeks and took a step back. We still held hands, when she began to fade. “Please mum, don’t go, please.” I felt the hot flush as tears gushed from my eyes. “Please.” I begged, not letting go of her hand. “I love you, you are my baby. I will never let you go.” Her eyes watered, she was holding back the tears.

“P-Please.” I stuttered, she can’t leave me. “I love you baby girl.” Were her last words as her voice faded along with her. “No, mum. Come back, please. I can’t do this without you.”I took deep breaths trying to calm myself. “Mum.” I bit my lip my eyes were puffy and I could tell my face would be the same. I fell to my knees and wept. 

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