Dreams can teach lessons.

Amber is at her boyfriend George's party. People call her Slut, Bitch, Alcoholic and druggie, but does she care? Her mother died and she chose the wrong path, now she is faced with a decision.
Choose to carry on the life she lives or live the life she was meant to have.


3. Door 2.


Now we were in an alley way, pipes dripped and the bins had cats and rats fighting for food. “What are we doing-“ 

“Shhh!!” She snapped and pointed down the alley. There was a man standing with a young boy and I couldn’t mistake who it was. “Mark?” His hair had blue streaks, and was spiked up. He was talking to the man in the doorway. “What’s he doing?” she shook her head. “He didn’t have a good role model. That was you. He saw you do this once, so he went to try it.” I watched as my little brother handed over a role of cash and the man dressed fully in black handed him a bag of white powder.

“No! He can’t!”

“But he has, he’s done it all.” I left her standing there and marched down the street and grabbed his arm. “What are you doing!!!?” I towered over him trying to intimidate or make him nervous. He didn’t even flinch. “What? You do it, it’s no biggy.” he said it so coolly. “You are 14!! I am two years older!!! You don’t do what I do!” I screamed at him grabbing the bag. “Well maybe you should have thought about that!” he growled. There was a whisper in my ear. “Just because your two years older does that make it any better?” It was her mocking voice.

"You are not touching any of this stuff again! You hear me!! What would mum think!!?”  I tilted his chin so he could look at me. “Well I would be better off, from what I heard your worse than me. Do you know what it’s like, hearing the rumours about you in school? Watching you take this? Smoking? Drugs? Drink? I am the lesser worse of us both.” His words hurt; I was told this is what people thought of me. Was he ashamed of me?

“Go home now! If I catch you anywhere near this stuff again I will tell dad.” He smirked. “Tell him and I will tell him everything that you have done, and I know a lot. I’m smarter than you think Amber. You really think I have no backup if someone told; I have so much dirt on you that if someone told I could make you look soooo bad that I what I done would be nothing.”

I couldn’t believe this, blackmailed by my little brother, this was my fault. I should have been there to steer him in the right direction but NO I had to ignore them and be wild. “Mark this will ruin your life.” I held the bag in his view and he shrugged. “My life, I will do what I want, you taught me that.” He lit a fag and stuck it in his mouth. I hit it and it fell to the ground. “You owe me a smoke!” I stood on the fag and rubbed it into the ground, then I realised I was wearing boots. I had changed again, but back into the clothes I was wearing at the party.

This was how he saw me, a druggie, alcoholic, and a hypocrite. I shook my head. “You don’t want this life Mark.” He answered instantly. “You don’t know me, you are never there. You don’t care, it’s my life and I will do whatever the fuck I want. I don’t need your input Amber.” His eyes said it all, anger, depression, and right at the back it revealed that he didn’t want this, he just wanted my attention. For me to be around and to stop all this. “Please Mark.”

“No! It’s my life!!! You weren’t there! You weren’t there for me! Or for Mable! You weren’t there!” With that he began to fade, his face became a smudge and I was once again returned into the room, left with only my thoughts, feelings and her.

“Well.” She crossed her arms inspecting me. “What? Are you making it your job to upset me?” She sighed as if I hadn’t learnt anything. “I told you this is what people think about you, but in some cases this is what they have turned to because of you.” I was dazed, why would he do that to himself because of me? “Why?”

“He had no one, as he said you don’t know what it’s like, having people comparing you to someone who is a disgrace. He was ashamed; people thought that’s what he was like, so that’s who he became. He wanted you to notice, and maybe it would have stopped you but it never, and he is just a mini model of you.” She stood straight, still with a disapproving look on her face. “I did that.” I muttered under my breath, I seemed to hate myself even more than before. “Come.” She took my hand and led me through the third door.

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