The hunt

Ally is a vampire,she gose to highshool with her older sisters Naomi and Roxy,at the start of january they start the hunt for fresh blood.When the hunt begins Ally,Naomi and Roxy decide to go hunting in the countryside for animal blood.But animal blood is not enough for Ally and she gose on a killing rampage.


2. The truth

Its monday,the worst day of the week! It means back to school.Whats weired is i can hunt down animals and i have survivied one whole month without food but i can not survive high school.Before half term i turned into the main target for school bullies such as Callie Windsor and Jenny Harrison,if they bullied me outside of school it would be different,much different...........
But because its school everyone would see me attempt to suck their blood.I could hear a bus pull up down the road,one of the advantages about being a vampire is super hearing,i grabbed my backpack and ran to the bus.I stepped onto the bus and sat next to Catlin "hi Catlin " I said" Hey Ally"replied Catlin "you wanna do somthing after school?" Iasked "I have got to do somthing sorry"replied Catlin "well how about tomorrow?" i asked "I'm busy all week"replied Catlin "why are you so busy?"i asked suspiciosly "i will tell you at breaktime"replied Catlin
After two hours of boring classes it was finally breaktime,i went into the corner of the football feild where Catlin was standing looking nervous " so what did you want to ask?"I asked "I'm not normal"replied Catlin,i looked at her confused,"I'm not normal,im not like other people"said Catlin "im a vampire" mumbled Catlin "no way!"I exclaimed with a smile " i am too!"i announced "prove it.When do we start hunting?"asked Catlin "January 5th"I replied "OMG!you really are a vampire too"shriked Catlin "im a vampire and so are Roxy and Naomi"i announced "so are my older brothers Conor and Jasper,and so is my new little sister Lilly"announced Catlin
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