The hunt

Ally is a vampire,she gose to highshool with her older sisters Naomi and Roxy,at the start of january they start the hunt for fresh blood.When the hunt begins Ally,Naomi and Roxy decide to go hunting in the countryside for animal blood.But animal blood is not enough for Ally and she gose on a killing rampage.


1. The hunt begins

Finally it was the first of january,i had waited all year for this day and it was finally here,i was craving fresh blood all year and now i can finally have it "its time"said my older sister Naomi "lets go"said my other older sister Roxy,i put on my black hoodie,blue jeans and black converse,Naomi had on a navy hoddie,black jeggins and trainers Roxy wore the same as Naomi.We set off into the woods in search of animals so we could drink their blood "i think we should start at the--"Naomi paused "stay here"she wispered,she ran into the bushes and returned two minuets later with a dead deer swung over her shoulder and three rabbits in her hand "here"she said and handed me and Roxy a rabbit each and we put the deer in our bag for later.We ate our rabbit and split up to find some blood,i saw a road with one person walking down by the side of the road,i put my hood up and walked up to the person.They turned around and i hid in the bushes,when they were away from the streetlight i decided to jump "ahhhhh!"they screamed while i dug my fangs into there neck,i realized that it was a girl.I felt the blood rushing down my throat it almost made me choke but i did not stop,it tasted bitter but it tasted so good "yum"i said to myself,i missed the taste of human blood even though i had been drinking it all year i still missed it because the blood i was drinking was old and had been sitting in a bottle for months but this blood was fresh and warm.When i was done i let the body drop to the floor,i looked in the persons coat pockets and managed to find £15 and some chewing gum then i looked in the bag,when i looked in the bag i saw a car pull up and someone came over to help the person who was now dead,i grabbed the purse and ran into the woods.I could see Roxy and Naomi in the tree tops getting a good view of the road and the woods to see if there was any animals around for us to eat "where have you been?"asked Roxy "we were suposed to meet back here"said Naomi "i was by the road" i replied "why were you by the--" "no,you didnt,did you?"interupted Naomi,i was silent "you did!you know were only suposed to eat humens at the middle of summer!how could you be so stupid!you could of been seen!"shouted Roxy "calm down Roxy she is only a kid she did not know--" "no!im sick of her getting out of everything cause she is the youngest!she is not even that much younger then me!she is sixteen not six!so stop giving her special treatment!"shouted Roxy "lets just go home" suggested Naomi "ok"me and Roxy replied in unison.When we got home Roxy was ignoring me and Naomi,i wish i could go to the street and get more blood and more animals to eat.Sometimes i wish i were more normal,like my best friend Catlin,she does not know im a vampire when i first met Catlin i felt like i wanted to suck all her blood out of her but then i found out she is really nice,she has long blonde hair,hazel eyes,rosy red cheeks and dark pink lips.We have been best friends since year seven,i have school tomorrow so no hunting until five o clock insted of twelve am.I wish i could suck the blood out of my geography teacher Mrs.Major,she is so fat!wich means she is full of blood!i cant wait to see Catlin at school tomorrow,she is so lucky to be normal and im lucky to be a vampire but i still wish i could be normal like her.

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