Just some random short story of a cheesy break up.


1. Gone


The silence was overwhelming. I almost couldn't bare it, so I picked up my last box of my things and attempted to rush out of my old house. Derick's house. Never coming back. 

"Bye," he muttered softly, as I reached for the doorknob of the front entrance. I stopped in my tracks, hoping I wouldn't have to face this part of the story. I turned around to face him. His eyes stared wistfully into mine. His jet black hair lay messily atop his head, falling on to his face, partially covering his clear, gentle skin. 

I felt my cheeks beginning to turn the color of a rose and my eyes glistening with a clear layer of water. I quickly plopped the box on the ground and paced over to him. I placed my hand on his cheek while I kissed the other, taking in his scent one last time. 

He placed his two hands on my waist and brought me closer, and wrapped me in a warm hug. 

"Goodbye, then," I said into his shoulder. I felt his heart thumping deeply against my chest. I never wanted to let go.

I felt his arms loosening up around me and I stepped back, staring at him intently.

"Be happy," he said in almost a whisper. I could see the sides of his mouth turn upwards, into a soft smirk. I smiled warmly back, and nodded.

I picked up my last box, again, and Derick rushed over to open the door for me. He held it opened while I walked through because of how easily it would slam back shut on it's own. I remember that. I laughed mentally, thinking about all the times one of us would forget to shut the door all the way, waking the neighbors. 

But we never cared. We never cared about anyone but each other. Not anymore, I suppose. 

He closed the door behind me and I started making my way down the hall of his apartment building, towards the elevators. Possibly for the last time. The last time I'll ever walk on these ugly, old fashioned carpets, or along with the pale white walls. I sighed.

I balanced the box in one hand and pressed the elevator button with my other and awaited it's arrival. I gazed at the elevator door frames, remembering when I had first moved in here with him, and he was bringing up some of my stuff in a dolly by the elevator. The door had closed on some of my boxes, as he tried pushing it out. I had nearly fell the floor laughing at his startled expression.

He probably doesn't even remember. 

I finally heard the "ding" noise, and entered the elevator. 

After about 7 seconds, I made it the main floor. Mr. Kellon was sitting at his desk, smiling at me.

"See you tomorrow, Jessica!" He waved. My heart dropped. I thought about how wrong he was. And how it just made me feel even worse. But he didn't know. Maybe it's better if he doesn't. I'll sure miss him, though.

The weather was ugly and terrible. The clouds were as dark as my mood and the rain poured down, soaking my long brown hair. I found my black, late 90's camaro, and placed my box in the back seat. Slowly, I made my way back to the entrance of the driver's seat of my car and got myself prepared to leave. 

Then I stopped. I stopped everything I was doing, and just let it all out. A storm was brewing in my mind and my eyes finally started to pour. I cried like the sky.

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