Excerpts from my upcoming Movella, Oliver James

I have started to piece together a book about a boy called Oliver James. Things keep changing about the plot so I can't tell you much about it yet but I hope to have something more solid up soon.


1. Looking for something.


I lay in the grass. I was far from everything, everyone. Just me, just my thoughts and just the vast expanse of sky before me.

I shut my eyes.

I shut them tighter.

I opened them again.

I tried to let the overwhelming feeling of realisation flood over me. Oh, how that would feel, for everything to make sense. It would come soon; I could feel it in my effort. I had trekked all the way out of my beloved city in to God knows where just to understand. If only to understand.

Concentrate, Oliver.

I tried again. My back was pressed flat against the slightly damp grass and I could feel the cold seeping through my shirt but I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to feel anything so real, like cold. Who needs to feel cold when you could just understand everything?  No sooner than a singular cloud appeared, it started to rain. It wasn’t working.

And thus, my search for enlightenment failed once more. 

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