Mixed Up Feelings - An Anthology

An anthology of the poetry which I am writing in my spare time and as part of my studies for university. All my poems have different themes, some are written for personal reasons and some are written purely for fun or because I am inspired or asked to write them.


3. Nobody's Listening

You did not hear me. I spoke of us,

Of the days when we did

Everything, when anything was said, stuff.

Random and bizarre.

Sometime ago, this all meant something.

I spoke of how I still love you,

You didn’t hear me.


I spoke of nothing.


Carrying on, with the things the way they were

In a world, a world with no shine,

Except for the memories

And a key,

A key that helped me cope.


I speak now

Of un-acceptance and of how I couldn’t cope.

Gripped by the harsh cold hands of depression,

Forcing myself to find some warmth,

If just for a few moments.

To let it run, a small weight lifted

Before it heals and the warmth gives way to the cold again.


Not even I hear myself now.

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