Mixed Up Feelings - An Anthology

An anthology of the poetry which I am writing in my spare time and as part of my studies for university. All my poems have different themes, some are written for personal reasons and some are written purely for fun or because I am inspired or asked to write them.


1. A Mothers Love

A cradle of safety as your being held for the first time,

The excitement when you utter that very first word, juice.

Those arms that catch you as you take your first steps, between one parent and the other.

A magical kiss better when you happen to fall down,

That comforting hand to hold on your first day at school.

An open ear for the times when you need somebody to listen,

The thumb that wipes away your tears upon your cheeks.

The knowledge that everything will always be alright in the end,

The bundle of pride when you achieve your aims.

Those smiling tears when told that you’ve found your one,

And that little bit of sadness when it’s time to fly the nest.

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