The Queen Bee

Brooklyn Collins, Adrianna Hilton and Sophie Crest are the popular girls of Beverly Hills High School led by The Queen Bee herself Candice Knowls, daughter of millionaire William Knowls and mega Celeb Sandy Knowls. When the girls find out popular and super hot Lucas Andrews is throwing a spring break party they can't wait to go but they need to have they're own holiday first. Candice takes the girls to the sunny island of Barbados for a week but when Candice finds out Sophie is dating Lucas Andrews their friendship crashes.


4. You're In Such A Mood.

Candice had left the girls to find their own way home. She wasn't having any of their rubbish.

She had drove all the way back to her mansion, right in the centre of Beverly Hills. The palm trees stood along the sides of the streets and didn't move as there was no wind. The car made a bleeping sound as she locked it then made her way to the front door of her house.

Once in her massive room she threw her bag down in fury. It bounced on the bed then fell off, emptying it's contents onto the floor. "You need me to clean up?" A voice came from the door. 

It was the Spanish maid. She was never really good at speaking American and she sometimes amused Candace by putting on a fake American accent. Although, she despised having her room cleaned when she wasn't there, you never know what they could be looking at or . . . stealing. 

"No, it's fine Isabella," Candice said as she threw herself onto the bed and rested her head on the pillow like a five year old in a mood. "I'll do it later."

Isabella left without another word, after all Candice's word was always final. She leaned over her bed looking down on the mess of her bags contents. Perfume, her purse, a hairbrush and a whole load of products for her face were scattered across her floor. And right in the centre was a brightly coloured piece of paper when Candice written in swirly handwriting. She picked it up curiously and opened it.

It was a note. The handwriting didn't look familiar to Candice, it was like a boy had written it yet it was swirly and very girly. It read.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, love never crossed my mind until the day I met you...

What the heck? Candice knew a lot of boys but none of them was this . . . cute. 


Adrianna had called the girls a taxi to take them back to her house. She couldn't believe what Candice had just done . . . or maybe she could? The had climbed into a taxi and were now lying by her pool and drinking a large cocktail each. They giggled as they came onto the topic of Lucas Andrews, the popular boy in their year that everyone fancied. "He's just beautiful!" exclaimed Brooklyn. 

Sophie was admiring his ad for his new cologne 'Cheetah'. He was a millionaire and his father was the host of Sports Tonight, a sports show that talked to soccer managers and athletes. 

"Do you actually think he'll invite us to his Spring Break party?" Sophie asked sipping her hot pink cocktail.

"Maybe. Defiantly if we still hang out with Candice . . . she gets us invited to everything."

"Yeah. What do you thinks going to happen to our holiday if we don't hang out with her?" Adrianna asked.

"We just won't go on it. I really do though," Brooklyn replied.

Adrianna's phone pinged. "It's Candice, she said she's sorry." 

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