The Queen Bee

Brooklyn Collins, Adrianna Hilton and Sophie Crest are the popular girls of Beverly Hills High School led by The Queen Bee herself Candice Knowls, daughter of millionaire William Knowls and mega Celeb Sandy Knowls. When the girls find out popular and super hot Lucas Andrews is throwing a spring break party they can't wait to go but they need to have they're own holiday first. Candice takes the girls to the sunny island of Barbados for a week but when Candice finds out Sophie is dating Lucas Andrews their friendship crashes.


5. Wrong...

Candice was concerned about the love letter she had received from an anonymous person. Who had put it in her bag? And most importantly, who had a crush on her?

Candice sat doodling on a bit of paper she had been given to draw something that meant a lot to you. Candice never really cared about Art or any of her subjects. She just wanted to become famous and live somewhere near the beach so she could check out the hot Californian guys. She had always been in to surfer guys.

"Candice, can you explain to me why you haven't started?" asked Mr Bennett. 

"Because I can't be bothered. I don't care about things that are important to me. The only thing I really like is my cell phone. And guess what? We aren't allowed them out, are we Mr Bennett?"

Mr Bennett didn't reply. Everyone was now watching the nervous Mr Bennett with a smirk on their faces.

Candice stood up out of her chair and made her way out of the class. She couldn't be bothered with high school anymore. 

*   *   *

"What did you do that for?" Sophie asked Candice at lunch that day.

"Sophie, do you ever listen?" Candice said. "Mr Bennett was doing my head in, and plus, I was bored."

"How do you expect to pass your final exam if you walk out though?' Adrianna said with a frown.

"I don't expect to pass. I want to get out of here," Candice said taking a gulp of apple juice.

"Out of Beverly Hills?" Brooklyn gasped.

Candice nearly spat out her apple juice in shook. "No! Who would want to move away from Beverly Hills, idiot."

Brooklyn looked down at the ground like a dog that had just been told off. Sophie patted her on the back. "Don't be upset Brooklyn, she's just a little annoyed right now. She'll calm down," Sophie whispered in Brooklyn's ear.

Candice wasn't paying any attention to the girls anymore. Instead, she was trying to make eye contact with beautiful Lucas Andrews who was sitting at the table next to theirs. Lucas was laughing at some joke his friend just told. Gosh, why was he so beautiful?

Candice stood up, ignoring the girls comments about asking her where she was going. She walked over to Lucas's table and cleared her throat when he didn't notice her. 

"Hey Lucas, I got your note," Candice said with a dazzling smile. 

"What note?" he asked, confused.

Candice got the little piece of paper out her bag and let him read it.

"I think you have the wrong person, Candice. I didn't write this," Lucas said handing her the paper back. "I'm flattered that you thought it was me but no, I didn't write this."

Candice could feel her cheeks flush with red. "I knew that," she laughed. Candice turned on her heel and marched out of the cafeteria thinking what an idiot she was.

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