The Queen Bee

Brooklyn Collins, Adrianna Hilton and Sophie Crest are the popular girls of Beverly Hills High School led by The Queen Bee herself Candice Knowls, daughter of millionaire William Knowls and mega Celeb Sandy Knowls. When the girls find out popular and super hot Lucas Andrews is throwing a spring break party they can't wait to go but they need to have they're own holiday first. Candice takes the girls to the sunny island of Barbados for a week but when Candice finds out Sophie is dating Lucas Andrews their friendship crashes.


3. Shopping Time...

Candice walked through the crowds of tourists forming on the main shopping street of Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive. Brooklyn, Adrianna and Sophie at her heels. God, she hated how they were always following her. 

Candice had been friends with Brooklyn for the longest. They had met in Kindergarden a good few years ago and been friends since. Candice had always been jealous of Brooklyn, whether it was her silky auburn hair, sparking blue eyes or even her fashion style. She always knew her and Brooklyn were made to be friends, that was until they met Adrianna in first grade. Adrianna was the geek, she wore chunky green glasses and her hair was always a mess. Then Brooklyn, being Brooklyn starting befriending her. So Candice needed to take drastic action and in a few years time Adrianna was a California babe. The girls rose to popularity dew to Candice's help, soon they were the girls everyone wanted to be and every guy wanted to date. Then Sophie had to come along and spoil it for everyone, Candice had never liked Sophie, not since she first laid eyes on her at that small poolside bar. But then Candice had to be nice to her, she had to. Her father had made her a promise that if she had three friends she would get to go on a holiday when she hit sweet sixteen. But then this was all ages ago, but still nothings changed except for the fact that Adrianna's grown on Candice. She's even starting to like her now...

Clip, clop, clip, clop. Candice's high heels pounded the burning concrete echoed by the girls shoes. 'Where first girls?' asked Candice sipping an ice tea that was flavoured a sweet peach. The girls responded with a shrug of the shoulders. 

'What about Giorgio Armani, you like that shop don't you?' suggested Sophie. 

Candice tutted. 'It's not a shop Sophie, it's a boutique,' said Candice. 'You always get it wrong!' Candice tossed her golden locks behind her and carried on walking. 

Sophie mumbled a pathetic 'Sorry' under her breath. Candice strutted over to the boutique. She was window shopping, she wasn't in the mood for trying on clothes especially when snotty little Sophie was around. Glinting in the sunlight was a diamond necklace displayed on a mannequins neck. Candice tilted her head and glared at the price. $5,655 for a necklace, now that was cheap. 

'Oh-My-God! Look at this necklace!' It was Sophie, she was shouting to the others about the same diamond necklace as Candice had been checking out. She never realised Sophie was behind her.

Adrianna and Brooklyn rushed over. 'You need to get it Sophie,' Adrianna said nodding her head making her ginger curls go crazy. ' That would so suit you.'

'Yes Sophie it would,' said Candice sarcastically. ' You saw me admire it and you could tell I was dying to have it but you had to stick your huge nose into everything don't you? You know what, you can walk home,' and with that Candice turned on her heel and left Adrianna, Brooklyn and Sophie staring after her.

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