The Queen Bee

Brooklyn Collins, Adrianna Hilton and Sophie Crest are the popular girls of Beverly Hills High School led by The Queen Bee herself Candice Knowls, daughter of millionaire William Knowls and mega Celeb Sandy Knowls. When the girls find out popular and super hot Lucas Andrews is throwing a spring break party they can't wait to go but they need to have they're own holiday first. Candice takes the girls to the sunny island of Barbados for a week but when Candice finds out Sophie is dating Lucas Andrews their friendship crashes.


2. Gossip


The four girls sat around a small circular table in the middle of The Cabana Cafe. Candice admired the perfect cocktail that was sitting in front of her. The smell of lemons contacted her straight nose. Everything about Candice was perfect, whether it be her barbie doll curls that sat neatly on the slim back or her flawless, tanned skin. There wasn't anything to fault about her. Sophie sat directly opposite her playing with the blood red straw that came with her Sparkling Watermelon cocktail. Then Adrianna and Brooklyn sat chatting about the latest Vogue magazine while sipping their Iced teas. 

'Right guys i have an announcement to make,' Candice said interrupting Adrianna's and Brooklyn conversation. 'Lucas Andrews has officially confirmed that he is hosting the one and only Spring Break party!'

Sophie wasn't paying any attention, she wasn't interested in parties and guys. Adrianna squealed and high-fived Brooklyn and Candice. 'We totally need to go shopping for this,' Brooklyn said dramatically tossing her glossy auburn hair out of her face.

' I agree, but there is just one little thing i need to tell all of you,' Candice looked at Sophie making sure she was listening this time. 'My dad said he would pay for our Spring Break holiday!'

Candice looked at the girls. Their faces had frozen. 

'Wel-' Candice said.

'OH.. MY...GOD!' interrupted Brooklyn. She jumped up and down in her seat. Her scream had got the full attention of some fitties by the pool. ' Everyone's flights and everything?'

Candice nodded. She snapped her hand up. A young male waiter noticed and approached them. 'Can we please have the bill?'

'Yes Miss Knowls.'

He hurried of then returned seconds later with the bill. Candice entered her card the punched her pin into the machine. 'Thank you,' she said to the waiter and he scurried off. 

They downed their cocktails then collected designer bags and made there way out of the Cafe. Candice smiled at everyone she passed. A cute boy, a group of women and the hotel receptionists. She jumped in the front seats of her Aston Martin Virage. 'Hurry up and get in will you,' Candice said starting the engine. 

'Sophie won't go in the back,' Adrianna said looking at Sophie.

'Come on, Sophie just get in the back.'

Sophie sighed and climbed in followed by Brooklyn. Last but not least Adrianna climbed in the front and clipped her seat belt in. 'Come on girls, it's shopping time!' Candice announced as she drove towards Rodeo Drive.

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