My Secret

Lucinda is an eight year old girl with a very dark secret, READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HER SECRET IS


1. Lucinda

Lucinda was a very small girl, with jet black hair and pale skin, with beautiful dark eyes outlined in long lashes. She rarley ever smiled, her baby pink lips were always drooping into a frown. When she was first born, she was left on the cracked stone pavement in a small basket outside of an orphanage. She sometimes wondered why her mother and father left her, she wanted to see them, to be with them. But she loved her new family, the Smith family. Lucinda's second name wasn't Smith, it was Clover, Lucinda Clover. Lucinda never knew what her mother looked like, but she expected that she would have a freckly face, with frizzy ginger hair and gaps between her jagged teeth, she thought her father would be a rough man, with stubble surrounding his cheeks, and a huge nose. But, somehow, she knew her parents names, Mallory Clover and Adam Clover. She wanted to know more about them.
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