The Great-Dane tidal wave

Follow Xuo Lang on her fatal adventure. Fighting for her life she clambers through a roller-coaster of negativity that will impact her eternally....


1. Anything but a typical day


   Before the great-Dane-tidal-wave struck, I’d been squidged in that hell hole, with mouldy muggers, who have nowhere else to go and interrupt my last hours of peace, with violence instead dying from a drug overdose or alcohol, for about 10.... yeah....10 years and never before have I seen (well that’s probably because I have dreadful eyesight) okay witnessed or heard, with my left ear, an event as dramatic or catastrophic as this raging beast before and trust me with my age I’d of heard about it!

   To be honest I can’t actually remember what I was doing before I saw the mahoosive beast; probably doing what any average granny was, like ummm............. knitting or trying to remember what my own sons name is..... Not like I would forget or anything... well it isn’t my fault... I...I... they only let us use our mobiles every now and then since a while ago some straggler tried to phone the police and tell them we were inhabiting this area illegally and sometimes I can’t be bothered..... Because I didn’t think he would be going anywhere and certainly not as far as he currently is..........

   Anyway back to the subject. I was doing old people stuff and incidentally looked out the window to, I don’t know, smell the flowers (even though they smell like wee!). And that’s when I saw it (pause) a racing ghost of darkness riding along the sea like a spiteful surfer; it was repetitively sabotaging cars, households and nature as swiftly as a young child does when waving at someone without yet knowing the actual meaning.

   My eyes expanded to the size of a dragonflies’’, my lungs inflamed with nothing but it felt as though they were desolate and clogged with a thick smoky substance. An invisible thick, smoky substance which consequently made me splutter and my voice turn hoarse like a duck. I could not speak but just splutter and splutter. It was almost like I was in space, a vacuum, I tried to shout to be heard to cry out but of course everyone was already deceased or I couldn’t be heard. Then it came and I was washed away like a little rag doll.

   I don’t know how long I was ‘out there’ for but trust I can tell from the amount of crusty bits in my eyes that I was there for a damn long time. I was floating half -consciously upon a piece of debris supposedly from the old house but we’ll never know... anyway I floating around like a serene, abandoned baby. I’m not trying to sound morbid but from the scene I was at, a graveyard would of seemed like a beautiful place compared to where I was. Littered everywhere were corpses, groaning, pale corpses, hands as delicate as pastry, crumbling at my squinting stare. Trees, no matter what type... oak, sycamore, willow even mahogany were swaying like drunk scallywags and then finally falling to their deaths, I remember this sight every time I go to sleep or even close my eyes for more than a millisecond. Those surroundings will haunt me, forever. But there was one thing that even in my grave will be beside me. The mobile... MY mobile and it had a message a message from my son.... It flashed before my eyes like a lightning bolt and said the following words: “Hi ma it’s me Jack. Happy to tell you I’ll be coming down to see you this weekend via boat”...... I didn’t even bother reading the rest of the text for I knew where he was now (pause) =Floating on a piece of debris...only this time eternally.

   I do not wish to bother telling you how I am still alive to this die for I am not. I took life as an advantage; I didn’t have to be taken in to that home, my only home if it wasn’t for them I would have already gone. But there one thing I must do, for since if it was I who was responsible for abandoning Jack even though he tried and tried again to reunite so I will have to be responsible for my own and abandoned mine.

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