A choice to make-One Direction.

"Dear diary.
I feel like such a whore, sorry my language. I don't know why Liam was next to me when i woke up. I should probably say that he was neaked, and so was i. My head hurts. I will never drink again. What will Niall say. I know he will forgive me. But how can i forgive myself. And what about Liam? Does he remember? He couldent be drunk because of his kidney. Did he do this on purpose? I was years ago we had something. What if he still has feelings for me? I dont feel like that..Do i?"

Read the story of Natalie in: A choise to make.


6. Unexpeted visit.

"Natalie!" I could hear someone yell to me. I was eating a pizza. It was the second pizza i ate today. I was always hungry, but i blame the pregnancy for being so fat. There is a baby in my belly. I havent realised that befor i told Niall. He kept on buying clothes for the baby. He bought pink and blue paint for the room. He has done everything he possibly could do. He was going to be a wonderful father. Me and Niall is a couple again. We stayed up all night to talk about everything. He forgave me, and i forgave him. I was good to be a couple again. We even slepth in the same bed. He was so loving. Yesterday he snuggled my belly saying that he's looking forward to meet the baby. He sang "Hush little baby" to my belly. And when we goed to bed last night he kissed my belly and me goodnight. My life couldent be more perfect at this moment.

Anyway... Today i had to say to the other boys that im pregnant. I couldent just turn up with a baby. I think that i will tell the boys one at the time. I'll start with Harry. He was like the brother i never had. We could argue for hours, but we'd always become friends again. So all the boys where practicing their new song, Witch was really good. So i waited for Harry's solo to be over, and then i grabed his shirt and ripped him out the door. "Well, okay then. Goodmorning to you to, Babe" He said confused. Haha, Sorry, but i have news i have to tell you, Harreh. "Yeah, Theres something i have to talk to you about to,Babe" he said and follewed me upstairs. Sit on the bed, I'll be right there. I said. "Dirty..Will you join me in bed to then?" He said and laughed. Maybee? Do you want me to? I said and laughed. "Yeah, you dirty...Wait! Let's stop the dirtytalk. You've got news,Babe?" He said and laughed. I smiled to him. I looked down the ground. I was nervous to tell him. "So, i think it's now you are suppose to tell me the news,Babe?" He said and petted me on the bag. Uhm, No? You had something to tell me, Harreh? I said. "Uhm, Yeah...But when i tell you this, it's not because i hate you, it the other way around, I love you, Natalie!" he said. He looked at me and took a deep breath. "I think we have to work out, and eat a bit healthy. You have gained alot of weight, Babe. I will help you loose the ekstra weight. I had that problem to,Natalie." He said and hugged me. I laughed so hard. I couldent stop laughing. Normally i would kill you, Harreh. But that kinda normal to gain weight when you are....I couldent finish the sentence. "Why are you laughing babe..Dont kill me, Please?" he said and laughed. He continied."When you are what?" he asked. When you are having a baby in you're belly. I said. He stopped laughing and looked serious at me. "Yo-You-You're..Wait, Did you just say that you are pregnant..Like in...having a baby?" He asked. He was surprised. Yes, Harry. I am pregna There was someone knocking on the door. I told Harry that i'd open it. i walked down the stairs. I opened the door. It was Signe.  Signe? What are you doing here? I asked and told her to come in. I looked at her. She looked a bit diffrent. Not to be rude, but she had gained weight. But onley on her belly. Wierd. "Uhm, Can i talk to you, Natalie?" She asked and wiped away her tears. Yeah sure babe, why are you crying? i asked and squised her in my arms. She looked so sad. i wonder why? "Can i tell you something secret? You have to promise not to tell Harry, Okay?" She asked. Yes, of course. i said and sat on the couch. "Is Harry and the boys home?" She asked. Yes, Harry is home, but the rest of the boys arent, they are out walking Sneakers. "Oh, then i cant be here.." She said nervous. Yes you can, why are you hidding from him? I asked her. "I cant tell you as long as Harry is here. He really can't hear this, Natalie." She said. She was still nervous. I can just tell Harry to pick up some food, okay? i said and walked up the stairs.. "Who is it babe?" He asked and walked down the stairs. It was uhm, P-Paul..Yeah, it was paul. i said and stopped him from walking down the stairs. "Okay, babe" he answered. i feelt bad lying to him. Harreh, can you please pick up some Caco, Cookies and some candy? I asked him and hugged him. "You know, just because you are pregnant, it doesen't mean that i am you're slave. its not my kid, Babe" He said and laughed. I just looked at him with that killerlook. "Okay, but onley this time, Natalie!" he said and where about to walk down the stairs. HARRY! i yelled and stopped him. I pulled his shirt and draged him up again. I diddent want him to see Signe. Take the backdoor, i said and pulled him out the backdoor. i slammed it and smiled to him trough the window. I walked downstairs. Signe was still crying. "Is he gone?" She asked. Yes, is answered and sat down next to her. So whats up, Signe. Why are you so sad? I asked and wiped away her tears. "Im.." She started to cry so hard. She broke out in tears. I pulled her in my arms, saying that is was okay. "Natalie, Im onley 16." she said and took a deep breath. Why are you saying that babe? I asked her. "I cant be 16, and having a baby, I just cant." I was stunned. Did she just say "Having a baby" ? I diddent know what to say, Who made her pregant? Im going to kill the guy that made her pregant. and then im going to kill Signe afterwords. Are you pregnant? I asked and looked at her. "Yes, i am. And i dont know what to do?" She said and wiped away her tears. It's Okay, you can move in with me and the boys, do you want that? I asked her. "Uhm, That's the problem. i Cant. But my mom cant find out that im pregnant. So i have to move. But Harry cant found out either" She said and she was shaking. Why cant Harry find out? You onley sleepth together once, and you havent seen eachother after that, it okay if he founds out, He not the father? So just move in with us? i said and hugged her. "Natalie?" She said and continiued " Harry is the father, and what would he say if he founds out that im pregant? We are to young, im 16 and he's 19" She said. I was so surprised. i was speechless. Harry's the father? I asked. She nodded. Oh my god, We have to tell him. I said. "NO! Im sorry if im wrong, but you look pregnant to! You know how hard it is to be so young, and be pregnant?" She said. i looked stunned at her. How the hell do you know that? Maybee i just became fat? i said. i couldent breath. i was so nervous. "No, you arent fat, but i can see that you are pregnant. What did Niall say about that?" She asked. Uhhm, he doesen't know. I said and looked down the ground. She just looked at me."So, You understa..." She diddent finish her sentence. Harry came walking in. "Babe! Im home!" He yelled at the frontdoor. "Shit!" Signe said. It was Harry. "Babe, where are you?" He asked. He came walking in to us. He dropped the candy on the floor. "Signe?" He said and looked at her. He ran over in her arm and kissed her. "Why havent you returned my calls? I missed you so much, Babe" he said and hugged her. After hugging her he looked surprised at her. He looked at Signes belly with and open mouth. He liftet her shirt. He touched her belly. "Are you pregnant,Signe?" He said and touched her belly even more. "Yes, i am Harry. That's why i coulden't return you're calls. I feelt so guilty, i am so sorry Harry." She said and started to a have a tearstream down her face. "You cheated on me? I thought we had something..Appenrently not." he said and stormed upstairs. He slammed the door. You could her that he was sobbing. What are you waiting for? Go up to him and tell him that he's the father.I said and pushed her upstairs. i followed her upstairs. i had to hear and see his reaction. Signe opened the door. Harry was sitting on his bed, He was looking empty at the window. "Get the fuck out of here." He said.He diddent look at Signe, Or me. "But Harry.." She said. "Are you deaf? Get out of here." He said again. She diddent finish her sentence "I didden't cheat on you Harry." She said and walked towards him. He turned around and took at deep breath. he looked at her, like he was surprised. "But.." He said. "It's you're kid, Harry." She said and sat on his bed next to him. He had a little smile on his face, And so did Signe. "Are you pregnant with..My baby,Babe?" He said and kissed her. "Aren't you mad at me?" She said. "No, I've always wanted a baby, and i..Love you" he said and hugged her hard. He started have tears in his eyes. I believe it was Happy tears. He stood up and jumped around. He took Signes hand and jumped around. "Oh Wait..You're pregnant. You cant jump around, Babe" He said and let her go. He kissed her, and smiled. "Natalie.." He said and looked suspicious at me. He walked jumping towards me. He took my hand and started to jump around with me. I couldent help laughing. I could see the joy in his eyes. "Im made a girl pregnant, I made my future wife pregnant" He yelled while jumping around. I looked over at Signe. She was smiling, with tears down her face. Harreh, Stop. Im pregnant to, Remember. I said and stopped jumping. I fellt like wormiting. "Oh, Yeah. Sorry, Babe..Are you okay?" He said and stopped jumping. Signe stood up and walked towards me. Yeah, im okay! I just gotta womit. I said and ran out on the bathroom.   I did womit. I had this unbareble pain in my lower parts. I was scared. Harry came running out to me. "Are you okay, Love?" he asked and put his  hand on my forehead. I couldent answer him if i was okay. It really hurted. Was i giving birth to Niall or Liams baby? Was i even givin birth?
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