A choice to make-One Direction.

"Dear diary.
I feel like such a whore, sorry my language. I don't know why Liam was next to me when i woke up. I should probably say that he was neaked, and so was i. My head hurts. I will never drink again. What will Niall say. I know he will forgive me. But how can i forgive myself. And what about Liam? Does he remember? He couldent be drunk because of his kidney. Did he do this on purpose? I was years ago we had something. What if he still has feelings for me? I dont feel like that..Do i?"

Read the story of Natalie in: A choise to make.


4. Pregnant or not?

Dear Diary.

Im just standig there, empty but excited.I am so nervous. I started to walk back and forth, and forth and back. Over and over again. Come on...  i looked again. Still no answer. It's knocking on the bathroom door. "Babe, You can't be in there for ever..I know that you're mad, but,please talk to me?" He said silent. i told him to go away. I could  hear that he walked down the stairs. Oh Come on, it was so stressful. It can't be taking so long. I  started to walk around again. it fell down on the floor.Shit..I coulden't find it. I looked everywhere. This isen't happening, I need to look further. I had to find it. Someone knocked on the door again. I started  to get annoyed. "You cant stay in there forever Natalie? You have been out there for 30 min. If you don't come out, i will kick the door open" He said and knocked on the door. I didden't want him to see the pregnancy test. I didden't want to make anyone panic, Im not 100% sure that im pregnant. So if i wasen't i could just forget about it and move on. And if i was? "Natalie? Im serious.." He said and took a deep breath. I opened the door and looked at him. Relax, Niall..I was fixing my make up, i said . He walked towards me with his big blue eyes, and hugged me. I understand why people loves his hugs,But i diddent want any hug right now. was so mad at him right now. He squised me in his arms. I couldent push him away. I made the same mistake that Niall did, but with Liam. it i really hurted to see him with another girl. "im so sorry, Natalie, what can i do to fix this?"  He said with tears in his eyes . In only 3 days, we have been together for 3 years, and he does this to me.You can't Niall, it will take time. I still love you, i really do, i said and pushed him sofly away from me. He walked down the stairs and walked into his room. He slammed the door. That means that he is upset. i just stood there wondering if he remembers, But he always seem to care, and remember the importent things about our relationship. There was so many things going on right now. I could be preganat with Liam. I am so scared. Niall came running up the stairs again. He ran over in my arms and kissed me tender. "You know where this is heading, don't you?..We are about to break up, arent we?" i said like i was giving up.he knew it, but he didden't want to admit that our realtion ship was hanging loose. "No Natalie, we can work this out, promise"he answered and looked down the ground. He took a deep breath and walked down stairs again.."Natalie" Liam said, he came from the room next to the bathroom."Are you and Niall breaking up, because of what we did?" Liam asked and wiped away my tears. He walked out on the toilet. He started to pee. He justed pulled his pants down. please, i don't need to see everything,Liam. "No, You don't have to, but you are still looking, Babe. And i really needed to pee" He said and pulled his pants up and zipped them. I really diddent, but i coulden't stop looking. Is that wierd?He smiled at me. I just nodded and laughed. He washed his hands, when he suddenly stopped and looked wierd. What? i asked and looked at him. "Uuhm, Nothing.." He said nervous, and avoided eye contact. Okay? I diddent ask him what for. im sure he wouldent tell me. He rushed out from the bathroom and walked in his room.   I just thought of that pregnancy test again. I had to find it before somebody else did. I looked litturaly everywhere, and i coulden't find it. i gave up and walked down stairs. The boys where practicing on their new songs. I diddent want to see Niall, so i just opened the frontdoor, i thought i could  just walk over to my friend, Elizabeth. She was always there for me. I opened the door. and closed fast again. Shit thoose damn paparazies. I just walked out the door anyways. "Is it true that you are pregnant?" He said. I freezed. I was speechlees. I answered him. Is it true that you are a mentally ill dickhead? I stormed through the 3 paparazies standing there. I ran over to Elizabeth's house. I knocked on her door. "Hi Babe" She said and hugged me. I hugged her back and stepped inside. She asked me how i've been and how it was going. Should i tell her about the pregnancy test? "So? How is going between you and Niall?" She asked me. Uhm, Really bad...I guess? I answered her and look down the ground. I really wanted her to ask me what was wrong. and she did. "What's up, you seem..Down about something" She said. Yeah, I said and took a deep breath. Liza, I think im...Pregnant. I said and the tearstrem started to run down my face. Like a freaking waterfall. "You're what!..With Niall? Does he know?" She said fast and sounded..nervous. Uhm, Thats the thing. I haven't told him, And i might not be Niall. I took a pregnancy test, but i dropped on the floor, and i cant find it, I looked everywhere. I told her and talked fast and i was shaking so bad. "If it's not with Niall, then who?So you don't know if you are pregnant?" She asked. No, It might be with..I took a deep breath and continiued, it might be with Liam.i answered. After talking out about the things, i felled happy. I was so good to let it go, to tell  someone.  After a couple og hours i took my jacket, hugged her, and said goodbye. The paparazies are gone. That was about time, i thought for myself. I walked in the door. Im home I yelled and hung up my jacket. Liam came walking out in the hall. "Uhm, The boys are at Nandoes." He said and looked down in the ground. I looked at Liam, he was still avoiding me.  Liam? why are you avaoiding me? I know what we did, but can't just avoid me? I asked him and stood in front of him. I put my hand under his chin and lifted up his head. He looked me in the eyes. "I-I-I.." He took a deep breath and continiued. "I found a pregnancy test at the bathroom, Natalie." He said and look at me. I freezed. i started to shake. and a tear fell. He wiped it away. "Why didden't you tell us, that you thought you where pregnant?" He said and laughed. Uhm, Thought that i was pregnant? I said and stopped crying. "Yeah, You are not pregnant, Babe..But if you where, you had to tell me, what if i was the father" he said. I was so relieved. The moon started to apear in the sky. I was so tired, so went to bed. The boys where still not home from Nandoes. Liam was still here. We talked for hours, it was nice. the boys was like brothers to me. i loved them, and they loved me. "Babe, Go to sleep. Im sure Niall will be by you're side when you wake up." Liam said and kissed me on the forehead. Yeah, i hope he will, i said and walked up stairs. i put on my sexy pyjamas with winni the poo. i sat on the bed, i was so empty without Nialler. i dropped the slippers and put my legs on the bed. i put snugged in. I layed there thinking how it would be with a child in the family. But then i fell asleep.    It was morning. I was so cold, that's the way i knew Niall was next to me. He always took my duvet. Goodmorning Niall, i said and put my head on his strong chest. He was snoring loudly. Oh great. I got up, and made some tea. Liam was up. "Hi sunshine!" He said, stood up and gave me a hug. Goodmorning honey, i said and hugged him back. he told me to sit down and have something to eat. So i did.  Do you know what time the boys got home last night? i asked him. "Uhm, I think i was about 12 pm" He said and drink some of his tea. Okay, i answered. Me and Liam was talking, when Zayn and Louis walked down the stairs. "Goodmorning, Babe" Zayn said and kissed from behind on my cheek. "Food now" Lou said and kissed on me cheek. Make it yourself, Lou, I said and laughed. "Wheres Hazza?" Liam asked Zayn. "Uhm, I think he's asleep?" Zayn answered and took a big bite of his bun, that Liam just made for him. I stood up and started to walk up the stairs. My head was hurting and i feelt like wormiting. But i just took a break and then it stopped. I knocked soft on Harry's door, but he didden't open. Sleepy head. I walked in anyway. Harry get up, it's 9 am, it's time to get up, i said and pulled duvet. He kept on pulling it back. Harry, get up, I screamed. I don't why i was so moody. i could have hit Harry, i really wanted to hit him in the face with a brick. Mean? I know, but.."Go away, i was dreaming" Harry said and pushed me softly away. I just laughed and sad next to him. You seriously need to get up, i am really in the mood to hit you straight in the face, Harry. I really wanted to. "Okay, Okay. Im up." He said mad, but smiled. He got up and started to walk down the stairs. I needed to be alone. so i just sad in Harry's bed. Signe was gone,so was Josefine and Sif. Niall''s  "One night stand" was also gone. That little bitch. Sorry, but im really angry. I could hear someone walking up the stairs. "Natalie? Where are you" It was Liam. "Oh there you are" He said and sat next to me. After about 5 min. Liam broke the akward silenct. "Natalie, We need to talk about last night" he said and sad closer to me. I know, Liam. You start, i answered. "First of all. Have you been taken a pregnancy test?" he asked. Yeah, i have. "Oh...So? Are you pregnant?" He said worried. Im not sure. I have another one. i answered. "Oh, When will you take it?" He looked sad at me. When the boys are gone, i answered. "Oh, i'll stay here. I'll just make them go to Nandoes, okay babe?" He said and walked down the stairs. I just smiled a little to him. "Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn, can you please go get some asprin and  a pizza?" Liam asked them. "Why?" Harry asked. "Natalie isen't feeling well, and i need a pizza?" He said and laughed. "Yeah, sure. I'll just stay with her" Niall said. "Uhm Niall. She doesen't want to see you right now, is that okay?" Liam looked at him. "Yeah, of course. Can you stay with her, then?" Niall asked. Liam just said yes and walked upstairs to me. I could hear the boys driving. i went to the bathroom and took the preganacytest. I just had to pee on it and then i'll find out if im carrying a baby. I was so nervous. i had to wait for about 15 min. i putted it in the sinc. I walked out to Liam and started to cry. What if im pregant....with you, Liam? I cried. "I dont know babe, I really dont" He said and pulled me in his strong arms. We kept on waiting. About 13 min. after Liam walked in. "Theres and answer, babe" he said. "Dont look!" he turned me around. i gave him the box. "Blue means that you are pregnant, and pink if you are not" He said. "Oh my god.." He said and became speechless. I turned around. "Natalie..It's blue." He said and started to tear up. But not hysteric, more sad. I started to cry. I am pregant. "Are you okay? is it mine or Niall child?" Liam asked and looked at me. I don't know,Liam? i answered and wiped away my tears. "Private quistion, but..when did you and Niall have "Funnytime".When was the last time,Babe?" He asked. That was about 2 days ago, if you have to now everything. I answered. "Woah, that isen't a long time ago, I told Harry that you wh..." I stopped his sentence and said, Really, you wanna disgiuse when me and Niall last time had "Funny time" Liam? I was snapping a bit. But i was nervous. I was pregnant. Maybee with Liam? Maybee with Niall?  

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