A choice to make-One Direction.

"Dear diary.
I feel like such a whore, sorry my language. I don't know why Liam was next to me when i woke up. I should probably say that he was neaked, and so was i. My head hurts. I will never drink again. What will Niall say. I know he will forgive me. But how can i forgive myself. And what about Liam? Does he remember? He couldent be drunk because of his kidney. Did he do this on purpose? I was years ago we had something. What if he still has feelings for me? I dont feel like that..Do i?"

Read the story of Natalie in: A choise to make.


2. Old feelings return.

"Dear Diary. Me and Niall have been living together for about 7 days. It's been great. The boys are nice. And Liam still doesen't regonize me. Niall and the boys are so nice. They have decided to celebrate that i moved in. They made me a party. It's tonight actually. Im so excited. A DJ is comming. And there will be alcohol and discolight. I know that it's wierd, but im really looking forward to it. All of my friends will be there. Then they can see that how great my life is. And they can see me best friends, and my boy friends.  So i also went out and looked for a party dress. Niall was with me. I really wanted this beautiful pink dress, but it was really expensive, So i diddent tell Niall. I knew he would buy it for me, but i don't want him to pay. But i havent got the money. So i just found a little skirt and and a top. it was fine enough. If i just putted on some high heels, and curled my hair that would look fine. After we bought the clothes, me and Nialler went to Nandoes. He really eate alot. i coulden't eat as much, not even half of what he eate. "Check please" Niall said. He looked at me and smiled sweet. After we eate, we drove home. "Sooo..when we get home, im going to have to drive again, i have to..uhm..Do something, okay love?" Niall said and looked at me. Yeah sure, i answered him. "We are almost here" he said. I wonder if he is cheating on me? He wouldent do that, would he? He just seemed so suspicious. "Babe,We are here." he said and opened the door for me. I kissed him and got out of the car. "I love you, Natalie" he said and drived. I love you to, Niall, I yelled after him. He honked and drove further. I walked towards the frontdoor. I hung my jacket and walked upstairs. The boys where singing their new song. Liam was singing his part now. His voice was so beautiful. But all of their voices where. I literally melted when i heard Liams voice.  Anyway, Thats's all for me for now. I'll wright later. Later that day: "Dear Diary. The party starts in 10 min. Niall is still not here. Where is he? i was still waiting for him. "Babe? Did Niall say where he was going?" Liam asked and poked me on the shoulder. No, He didden't. I answered. "Wierd. The party is about to start, in about 5 minutes,Naddi?" He said and looked out the window. It was wierd that he called me Naddi. He called that when we where a couple in 7'th grade. That means he remember me, or what? "Yeah! He's comming" He said and took my hand. He started pulling me down the stairs. Wait, i can't run with theese high heels. He stopped. He looked me in the eyes. His big brown eyes, they where so beautiful. He started to get closer to me. Uuhm, Liam? I whispered. He got closer and closer. His soft lips met mine. It was a long kiss. i didden't stop it. We stood in front of the frontdoor. We got disturbed by Niall. He opended the door. I pushed Liam away. "Honey im h...Oh there you are" Niall said and kissed me. It was so akward. What have i done? I feel so quilty. I kissed Niall really hard and hugged him.I tried not to cry. "I bought you something, Babe" He said and handed me a bag. I opened it. I started to have tears in my eyes. It was the pink dress i really wanted. i feelt so quilty taking it because of me and Liams kiss. Oh my god, Niall, You didden't have to, i said and ran in his arms. I kissed him hard. He wiped away my tears. "No, i didden't have to. That's why i did it, Love" he said and smiled.I love you so much, Niall, but i can't take it, it's to much, i said and gave him the dress. "Please, Babe. wear it. im sure you will look beautiful in it. And hurry up. the part already started." He said, Handed me the dress and pushed me up the stairs.  I took of all my clothes. I was onley wearing my panties. i walked over to the couch, where the bag where. i could hear someone stopping in front of my door. the door opened. "Natalie, we need to talk, right now." It was Liam. Wait! I yelled. But he came walking in. "Oh, you uhm..I" He started to mumble. He was still standing there. He was looking at my breast. Uhm, Liam, im kinda in the middle og something, Could you come back later? I asked and laughed. "Uhm, Yeah, can i just wait outside you're door?" he said. No, Just sit on the couch, and wait for me to change. i said. "Uhm, Yeah, sure, babe" He said and looked at me. Could you turn around, Liam? i asked. "Yeah, sure, sorry..I" He looked down the ground. I walked towards him, covering my breasts with my arm. Could you pass the bag? I asked. He looked quick and then passed me the bag. Thanks. "Natalie, We need to talk about the kiss." He said and took a deep breath. Yeah, Liam, im half neaked, So it's not a good time right now? I said and laughed. "I know. Natalie. I think im inlove with you" There was a moment of silence. i freezed. my dress was hanging by me knees. i pulled i quickly up and placed like it was suppose to be. I turned on my curling iron. If i just pretended not to have heard what he said, then he might not say it again. After about 10 min. my hair was curled. I alredy had make up on, so i just fixed the one i aldredy had on. "Natalie, i know you heard me." Liam said and looked at me." Woah..I..You are so..Beautiful" He continiued. Thank you, Sweetie. he stood up and we had eyecontact. He got near me. He was standing so close to my face. Liam, i cant do this. I said. But it was to late. his soft lips met mine, again. i pushed him softly away. Liam, please don't do this. i said and ran down the stairs. Niall was standing in the end of the stairs. "Woah, are you my beautiful girlfriend, Natalie?" He said and laughed. He kissed me and took my hand. "Lets go, the party has already started, Babe" Should i tell Niall about me and Liam? Help me Diary, Help me"

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