A choice to make-One Direction.

"Dear diary.
I feel like such a whore, sorry my language. I don't know why Liam was next to me when i woke up. I should probably say that he was neaked, and so was i. My head hurts. I will never drink again. What will Niall say. I know he will forgive me. But how can i forgive myself. And what about Liam? Does he remember? He couldent be drunk because of his kidney. Did he do this on purpose? I was years ago we had something. What if he still has feelings for me? I dont feel like that..Do i?"

Read the story of Natalie in: A choise to make.


9. Me and Liam?


Dear Diary.  Eveything was wrong. I am so mixed up. Niall still doesent know me. He doesent want anything to do with me or the babies, and im a single mom living with my exboyfriend and his band. How could i loose everything in a split of a second? I still love my irish boy. The problem is that he doesent love me. He doesent even know me. Maybee it was for the best? The time will show? I should probably tell you who the father is, Shouldent i?  I'll tell you later,Diary. Anyway... I was sitting at my new room. Niall keept our old bedroom. I moved in Liam's bedroom. I was sitting in the window crying. Liam was taking care of the babies. When i'm sad i write songs. Nobody but you know that,Diary. I opened my book and started to write some of my latest song. It's about my life and Niall. I started to sing a little to find the melody that match the lyrics. I get happy when i sing or write a song. But lately nothing helped. Well, It helped to se my beautiful babies. I layed the book on the desk. I just needed to cry, to be alone. I spreded my legs and putted my head between them. I started to cry. Not loud, just silent. I could hear footsteps aprotching the door. There was a silent knock on the door. I quickly wiped away my tears and looked away from the door. i Dont want anyone to see me like this. The door opened and the person stepped in. "Naddi?" He said. It was Liam. I diddent look, but i could regonize his manly, and soft voice. Yes,Hun. I answered. I could hear his heavy footsteps come closer to me. He hugged me. I hugged back, but i diddent look at him. My eyes where all red, and i dont want him to see that i cried. He placed his hand under my chin and turned my head against his. He looked my in the eyes. "Don't cry for a guy that doesent deserve you're tears,Love" He said and hugged me. But..I couldent finish my sentence. He smiled to me. He carried me down and placed me in the bed. He said next to me. "Natalie. Dont loose hope. How can he not fall inlove with suh a beautiful, and sweet girl like you?" He said. He wiped away my tears and smiled to me. He was so sweet and carring. And he was hot to. He was the perfect boyfriend. I smiled and gave him a soft kiss on the mouth. You really think so? I asked. "Yes, i really do. You are so perfect. You got humor, good looks, you are polite, and have really big Boob...Eyes! You have really big eyes." He said and laughed. I laughed to.Why are you so nice to me, Liam? And thank you have a big Dingalin...Nose! you have a big nose! I said and laughed. "Really. I have a big nose? Well thank you,Babe" He said and laughed. Why did we even breake up in 7'th grade? He was so carring. I smiled and looked down the ground. He gave me a soft kiss. "I layed the babies to bed, and the boys are walking Chester." I should probably say that that is our dog. We got him yesterday. He is a grand doinois. But still a puppy. I'll be right back. I said and walked into the babies room. I walked over my babyboy's bed. I kissed him soft on the forehead. Goodnight, Honey. I said and walked over to my babygirls bed. I kissed her on the cheek. Goodnight babe. i said.  They looked like angels when they sleep. i walked towards the door. I walked out. I left the door halfopen, so i could hear if they cry. I walked into me and Liams room. Liam was still sitting in the bed. He turned around. He smiled to me. "Come sit with me,Babe" He said and moved so i could be there. I walked towards him. I trew myself on the bed. He laughed. He layed down, and pulled me down with him. I was laying on top of him. We both laughed. He looked me in the eyes. He kissed me soft. I couldent resist it. I kissed again. He rolled around placing him on top of me. I smiled to him. He smiled back. "Natalie" He mouned. It turned me on. I made out with him. A passionent kiss That lastet a long time. My lips meet his. My heart was beating fast. He sad up. He was still sitting on top of me. Let me lead. i said and and rolled him under me.Now was laying on top of him. I sat up and looked at him with a teasing look. I loved the controll. He placed his big hands on my hips. I kissed him hard and passionent. His hands moved higher and higher up. He stopped when he got to my bra. He looked me in the eyes with a teasing look. His manly hands was everywhere. His hands got lower. And when His hand rested on my bum. He started to pull of my shirt. He bited his lip and looked at me. "Wow" He wispered. I smiled and kissed him. I placed my hands on his hips. I slowly pulled his shirt of. Woah, i wispered and smiled to him. Thats what i call a sixpack, i said and laughed. We where both shirtless. I moved my hands back and forth on his stomach. It was warm. I could hear his heartbeat beating louder and louder. I smiled and placed my hand on his zipper. I opened the botton and zipped down. A little moan came from Liam. I pulled his pants down while looking him in his eyes. He was licking his lips. He must like it. He looked at me. "Now it's my turn." He said and placed him selv on top of me. I giggled. This was just perfect. Liam is justy perfect. His hands slowly moved up agains my breasts. The feeling was good. His hands moved lower and stopped at my zipper. Hi zipped down and pulled them down. he trew them on the floor. I took of my panties, and trew them on the floor. After hearing my panties landing on the floor i could hear Liam's boxers landing there to. We where both naked. What was stopping us from having sex?..Nothing. He came closer to me. He kissed me hard and manly. He was inside of me. He started to moan and move back and forth. His hands was holding me shoulders. Mine was holding his hips. I started to have a hard time breathing. And my heart was beating loud and fast. The feeling og Liam being inside of me was good. "Natalie..You are amaizing." He said. He was breathing fast to. I guess we have that in comment, Lets take it slow, I said. He stopped. I sad between his legs. He was biting his lip again. My hand grabed it. Liam moaned and grabed my shoulders. A little smile spreaded on his beautiful face. My hand was moving up and down. A little scream came and he looked at me. He smiled and pulled me on top of him. I sad on top of him again. And we started over. It was amaizing. We diddent even notice that the boys where home. I putted on my robe and walked downstairs. I was naked under the robe. I'll be right back, Mr Payne! I said and laughed. I walked out in the kitchen. Harry and the rest of the boys where sitting there talking and laughing. "Haha, I bet they will continue all day." Harry said and laughed. I freezed, and so did they. "Why are you only wearing a robe,Hun...Did Liam take you're clothes?" Harry asked and laughed. Uuhm, I just showered, Hazza...What the hell?! I said. "But you're hair isen't wet?...Did you blow....Did you blowdrive you're hair? Or are you still wet?" Louis said and cracked up. All the boys cracked up, except Niall. Why the hell are you asking so many god damn quiestions? I asked. They all laughed. "Oh, And where is Liam..The sexbeast?" Zayn said and Laughed. Shit.  they heard me and Liam. Uhm, He is..Sleeping. i said "Haha, I would be to if i was having that kind of...Love" Harry said and cracked up. I looked at Niall. He wasen't saying anything. Things between me and Niall was akward. Niall looked angry at me and stormed out. He pushed me away so he could get out of the door. He stormed upstairs. "Niall?" Louis said. "What the hell is his problem?" Harry said. Zayn just looked wierd. I walked upstairs. I could hear some yelling comming inside from Liam's room. I ran inside the room. Niall was yelling at Liam. "You sleepth with my girl, You bastard." Niall yelled. Did Niall just call me his girl? I ran over to Niall. I walked infront of him. "You slut." He snapped at me. What the fuck do you think you are doing? I screamed at him. "You sleep with my bestfriend, and you ask what I'M doing?" He said. First you say that you aren't ready to have children and a realationship. You say that you cant remember me? Then you call me a slut because i have a new boyfriend? Why do you want me to be misserable? You broke my heart, You stupid idiot! I yelled. Liam walked towards me and placed his hands on my shoulders. He was standing behind me. Niall just looked at me with tears in my eyes. "I might not remember you. But i love you. It's hard to explain." He said and ran downstairs. I turned around and barried my head in Liam's chest. I was crying. Why is this so complicated, i asked and looked at Liam. "I dont know,Sunshine?" He said and wiped away my tears. "But i know that everything's going to be okay,I promise" Liam said and smilied.We walked downstairs. Harry, Louis and Zayn was talking. I walked over to Harry. He looked at me. "What just happend? Why did he call you "His girl"?" He asked. i dont know? i answered. Why is everything so confusing? Help my Diary.
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