A choice to make-One Direction.

"Dear diary.
I feel like such a whore, sorry my language. I don't know why Liam was next to me when i woke up. I should probably say that he was neaked, and so was i. My head hurts. I will never drink again. What will Niall say. I know he will forgive me. But how can i forgive myself. And what about Liam? Does he remember? He couldent be drunk because of his kidney. Did he do this on purpose? I was years ago we had something. What if he still has feelings for me? I dont feel like that..Do i?"

Read the story of Natalie in: A choise to make.


8. Is this forever goodbye?


Dear Diary. My 2 beautiful babies are healthy. But they need a father. Niall stil havent woke up. The babies are a week old now. And that means that Niall has been in coma for 7 days. I am so scared. And even though the boys are here for me, i feel alone wthout him. Me and the boys visit him everyday. And i bring the babies with me. His beautiful face was covered with wounds. His arm was broken. But i am really happy that it was just his arm that was broken, and not his leg or worse. I pray to god everyday, that my beautiful Nialler will wake up someday. It's just not the same without him. I wont decide the names for the babies yet.  "Naddi. Take some chickenwings and some irish beer. I think he'd like that." Harry said and pointed on the frigde. We where going to visit Niall today. We will bring a foodbasket with all of his favorite food,In case he wakes up. I hope he do. We packed everything. We where almost ready to go. All i need was the twins. "Babe, Go get the twins." Zayn yelled from the inside of the car. I went upstairs to their room and carried them down to the car. Liam took my babyboy and placed him in the babychair. He did the same with my babygirl. We all sad in the car ready to drive. It was a long way to drive. It lastet 1 and a half hour. We stopped and got  out of the car. I took my babyboy, and Liam took the babygirl. We took the elevator up to 3'rd floor. We walked over to room 8. We all stopped and smiled. "I dont like it, i just want some chicken or some beer?" Someone yelled from Nialls room. "But we dont serve that here, Niall." Someone answered. I opened the door hard, and looked over at Niall's bed. He was sitting up, and he smiled. All the boys ran over in his arm and huged him. They all cried happy tears. "Dont scare me like that,mate!" Louis yelled. "Dont drive into trees, that can be dangerous, Niall" Zayn yelled and hugged him. Liam was standing next to me with my babyboy. "Where is Liam?" Niall asked. The boys became quiet and walked away, so Niall could see me ,Liam and the babies. He was stunned. He looked at me. Me and Liam walked towards him. Liam gave him my babyboy, and walked over to the other boys. Niall looked at him. "Oh my god! When did you have twinbabies? And with who?"He Said surprised to Liam. He looked at me and smiled like he was sorry for me. I looked wondering at him. Uuuhm, Im not Liams girlfriend, i am yours? Remember? I asked and laughed. I thought he was joking. "I am so sorry...But i cant remember..You?..Is this some sick joke?" He said and looked at me. Excuse me? I asked serious. I was crying a bit. He looked at me with a sad look. I gave Liam my babygirl. I walked closer to Niall. You dont remember me? i asked and wiped away my tears. He nodded sad. I diddent knew what to do, so i just ran out from the room. Harry ran after me. I trew myself on the floor, i broke out crying. "Natalie wait!" Harry yelled after me. He ran up to me and held me in his arms telling me that it was going to be okay.He doesent remember me, Harry! I screamed in his chest. I was crying so hard. Harry was petting my bag. He was so supportive to me. I could hear someone running towards me and Harry. "It's okay,Sunshine. We can make him remember you...And the babies,Okay." It was Liam that came and told me that. I couldent even look at him. My head was barried in Harry's chest. Harry looked at me. He putted his hand under my chin, and liftet my head. "Look at me babe" He said. I looked at him. There where tears in his eyes to. "It going to be okay. You have two wonderfull kids, and Niall will soon remember you, I promise, Okay" Harry said and kissed me on the forehead. I nodded. Liam wiped away my tears. Harry and Liam helped my up from the floor. I stood up. Liam wiped away my tears,and Harry fixed my hair. Thank you. I said andd hugged them tight. "It's okay,Babe. Now go in there and make him fall inlove with you again" Harry said and laughed. I looked at them both and nodded. Harry and Liam placed their hand on my bag, holding me. They followed me in to Nialls room. I walked in. Niall was sitting with both babies. There was tears in his eyes. Niall? I said. He looked up at me. He smiled to me. "Lou, Take the twins, Please." Niall said. Louis took the twins and sad down. Niall stood up. He walked towards me with a nervous smile. "I am so sorry, Natalie. The boys told me everything. I just dont think im ready for this right now?" He said and hugged me soft. I looked him in his eyes. His big blue eyes.  I kissed him soft.  -Maybee for the last time. Goodbye Diary.  
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