A choice to make-One Direction.

"Dear diary.
I feel like such a whore, sorry my language. I don't know why Liam was next to me when i woke up. I should probably say that he was neaked, and so was i. My head hurts. I will never drink again. What will Niall say. I know he will forgive me. But how can i forgive myself. And what about Liam? Does he remember? He couldent be drunk because of his kidney. Did he do this on purpose? I was years ago we had something. What if he still has feelings for me? I dont feel like that..Do i?"

Read the story of Natalie in: A choise to make.


7. Givng birth.


Dear diary. When im writing this, im on the hospital. Theres nothing wrong with me, they just think it's time. I havent gone into labour yet, but the nurses want to help me start the birth. I dont want to but, they say i have to. So right now im a bit scared. My belly hurts abit, and so does my lower parts. Niall is at home getting my stuff and the rest of the boys. He's been gone 15 min. I hope nothing has happened to him. I'd better call him if he's not here before 12 pm. I think i was about to have the baby. and i was. I couldent help screaming. I was screaming for Niall. It was so  intense. I had to call Niall before the baby was comming. I was so hard to call him because of the unbareble pain. He wasent answering my calls. I couldent breath. The nurse told me breath 10 times and then push in 10 seconds. I FEFUSE TO PUSH WITHOUT NIALL! I screamed at her. "It's okay honey, Niall just called us. He is just...a little late, Okay?" She said and took my hand. I couldent answer her. But i was glad that he was on his way. Can you please call my bestfriends? I asked and took a deep breath. "Yes of course. Where is the number?" She asked. I answered that it was in my purse. "You have to start pushing, Natalie." She said and squised my hand. Okay this was it. I was about to have a little baby. I have to push. I could hear the nurse talking to Liam. "Okay, Hun. Liam,Harry,Zayn,Louis and Signe is on their way." She said and putted a wet, cold blanket on my forehead. It was so hot in here. But the next moment it was cold. It was very wierd. I could hear someone honking loud outside. I was to weak to go over to the window. "I think Youre friends arrived here,Natalie." She said. I was happy, but the paine was killing me. I could hear someon running out on the hall. The door stormed up, and Liam came running towards me. "Are you okay?..Breath, God damn it, Breath!" He yelled and sad on his knees next to me. "Take a deep breath and push in 10 seconds, okay." The nurse said. Liam looked at me and started to squise my hand and started to breath with me. "It's going to be okay, Just push,Hun." Harry said and kissed me forehead. I smiled and started to push. I was screaming for help.Zayn came running to. He sad next to Harry.Lou came walking with Signe in his arms. She couldent run because she was pregnant. "Is there anything i can do for you? Just ask, Beautiful!" Louis said and sad next to Liam, that was holding my hand. I smiled and started to breath. Where the hell is Niall? I screamed. Liam looked at Harry with a sad look. i started to cry even more. Louis looked at Zayn. There was a tear down every one of the boys cheek. "It's going to be okay, Trust me, Sunshine." Liam said and hugged my head. Zayn and Louis was looking down the ground sobbing. But they where still supportive. What do you mean? i asked. Liam was crying so hard that he couldent answer. I looked at Harry, he was crying to, but he answered me. "Niall is not comming, Natalie." He broke out crying.  I..But? Why? i asked. I was confused. Nobody answered me. "Push,Natalie,Push." The nurse said. I pushed with all the powers i had. All of the sudden there was this..Relief. There was no more pain. I could hear a baby cry. "Oh my god." Liam said. They all had a smile on their faces.  I just had a baby. "Woah, It beautiful." Louis and Harry said in the same time. "Congratulations, You just gave birth to a baby girl, Natalie." The nurse said. I was so happy. I looked at The boys."You did well, Congratulations, Beautiful." Zayn said and kissed me on my forhead. "Take my place,Signe." Liam said and stood up. Signe nodded and sat next to me, holding my hand. "Can i hold her?" Liam said to the nurse, that was holding my baby girl. "Yes of course. Support the neck." She said and handed him my babygirl. "Thank you." He said. He was so polite. I couldent help thinking about what happened to Niall. Harry, Answer me. Why isen't Niall here? What happend? I asked Harry. "Natalie. I am so sorry." He said and wiped away his tears. Why? I asked. "Niall is in this hospital." Harry said and cried some more. What? I screamed and stood up from the bed. "NO!" The nurse yelled and ran over to me. I was about to run out from the room, but i fell. I couldent stand up. What the hell is going on? I yelled. Harry came running and carried me back to bed. "You are to weak to stand up, you just gave birth, Natalie." The nurse said. I was crying so hard. Why is Niall in the hospital? I scremed. Harry was crying hard. "He was driving back to you, when he collapsed into a tree. He's okay. He is in a Coma. But hey say that he will wame up again!" Louis said and kissed me. I couldent say anything, before i had a huge pain in my belly...Again. I was screaming again. Liam was still holding the baby. "What is happening? Call a nurse." Louis screamed. The nurse that was already there yelled for another dr. to come. Liam was crying. "SIGNE!" He yelled. Signe came  over to him. "Take her, i have to help Natalie." Liam said and handed the baby to Signe. Signe took her and walked over to a chair. She sat at the chair and sang "Hush little baby" to her. She kept on looking at me nervous.  Why does it hurt so much? I yelled. The dr. Was comming. He putted a hand on my belly. He looked at me with a smile. Why the hell was he smiling? He putted on a mask and some gloves. "What is going on?" Liam yelled to the dr. "She is having twins. Theres another baby on it's way." He said to Liam.  I am what? I yelled. "Push and breath for 10 seconds. Then push again." The dr said. I looked at the boys. They where all surprised. So was i. I pushed with all the powers i could. I could feel the baby comming. "Push on more time!" Liam yelled. Harry and Liam was breathing with me. I pushed with all my powers. And their...I could feel that relief again. And i could hear the baby crying. The boys where crying. I looked at Liam. He was smiling to me. "You did really well, Babe. He's beautiful." he said and kissed me on the forehead. I was still confused. Did you say "He"? I asked. He smiled and nodded. "You gave birth to a perfect boy and a perfect girl. Twins." Liam said and kissed me on the forehead. Can i hold them both? i asked. Signe came with the little girl and the nurse with a little boy. They laid my the kids..My kids, on my chest. Did i just give birt to a boy AND a girl? i asked while laughing. "Yeeah..Yes you did!" Louis said and smiled. I looked at my babies.My baby boy looked like his father. It was pretty clear who the father was now. But what about Niall? I have to go talk to him and say that i gave birth...If he has waken up from the coma. That's all for this time,diary.  
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