Tick Tock, Death Clock

Danni can see the date that people are going to die, and knows she will be the first one to die in her year, probably due to suicide. However, the dates in her year group all suddenly change to the month when she dies, so that Danni is the last woman standing, for only 2 days. How come? Everyone is blaming coincidence but Danni knows better, and suspects the same force that gave her a curse and a blessing. How many deaths can she prevent and what about her own?


2. My Last Month Begins

1.10.12 - 20 days left of existence

Life Count: 200


"Oh, we'll get her this time, dear!"

My eyes snapped open to see my parents looming over the rails of my bed with massive, cheeky grins on their faces. I knew exactly what they were planning.

"White Rabbit!" I said. My Dad's face dropped and my Mum just laughed. In case you don't know, if you say 'White Rabbit' first thing in the morning on the first of a month, then no-one can 'Pinch punch first day of the month' you. My parents are immature and follow this rule and take advantage of it, but I love them anyway because I am exactly the same!

"Oh Danni, you had to ruin our fun!" My Dad pretended to sulk. I felt my face shift into a smile and my Dad's did the same. We all burst out laughing again.

"I'll go down and make your breakfast while you stay up here and get dressed, come down when you're ready!" and with that, my parents left my room.

I got up, against my body's will, and started my normal dressing routine. I then stopped and realised that that was the last time that my parents would do that, the last time I'd need to say 'White Rabbit', and that I had less than 3 weeks to live. My body crumbled, this time against my mind's will, and I lay sobbing quietly on the ground. My life was ending and there was nothing I could do about it.

A few minutes later, I wiped my eyes and got up again, pretending nothing had happened. I wandered over to the mirror and I decided to use make up to hide the truth about my ending life, not only from others but from myself, and I saw my death date had changed a little.

'14:23 21.10.12'.

"Great," I thought "I get 11 more minutes to live." My mind was full of sarcasm, but, it should have been gratitude because I had more time to live. I then started franticly covering my huge red spots and brushing my frizzy blonde hair with the thought: "I don't want to die looking like this!" and also the thought: "That should not be my motivator, what kind of person am I?" 

Later at breakfast, my Mum knew something was up. She kept asking me awkward questions that really freaked both me and my Dad out.

"Do you have an abusive friend?" No, I wouldn't be friends with them, would I?

"Do you have an abusive boyfriend?" No way, I want to stay a single pringle, the boys in my year are mank.

"Are you on your period?" I haven't even started yet, let alone be on my time!

"Are you being bullied?" "Are you self harming?" "Are you on drugs?" No, no and NO!

I was pleased to get out of the house that morning, my Mum was driving me nuts. However, I wasn't happy for long.

I knocked on my friends door so we could walk to the bus stop together, and when she opened the door I was shocked.

Normally she had 13.39 12.04.72 in her eyes.

Today she had 08:05 04.10.12.

She was due to die in front of me in 3 days time.

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